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by Apr 10, 2018

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There’s something alluring about the great outdoors. It speaks of a simpler life, a natural vibe, and a call to stop and smell the roses. Why not bring that vibe indoors by pulling out some mobile home decor?

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With a little ingenuity and creativity, we’ll help you bring the whimsy of outdoor life into the four walls of your cozy mobile home haven.

Mobile home decor to encourage your love for the outdoors

Excitingly, we have a few ideas for outdoor themed mobile home decor. Some of them are DIY, others can be purchased, all of them can serve as inspiration for your own special twist on the decor concepts.

Do-it-yourself tire ottoman

Few things bespeak of an outdoorsy theme like twine does. Twine is a string made out of small strands of natural fibers. These fibers types may entail cotton, sisal, jute, hemp, henequen, or coir. Sometimes synthetic fibers are employed to create twine.

So as you might guess, we think twine is a fun way to bring the outdoors into your home! We’re loving this tire ottoman. It serves as both an outdoorsy and practical mobile home decor feature.

And not only is it practical and an aesthetic addition to your home, it’s also a great way to recycle an old tire. Rather than send that old tire to the landfill, you can help the environment by recycling it for your home’s decor.

To get this project off the ground, you’ll need a tire, twine, screws, plywood, and fabric. For more detailed instructions, check out the complete tutorial.

Rustic mason jar hanging flower vases

These mason jars are attached to a rustic stained board of wood. The jars themselves can be upcycled from any old mason jars you have lying around. You can spray paint the mason jars and adhere them to the wooden plank.

But before you do that, create a way to hang the boards on your wall. You can use a strand of twine. Adhere both ends to the back of the board.

A quick stop at your local craft store floral department will provide you with an array of flowers to choose from. You can change them out according to the season you find yourself in.

Fall Wall Sconce with mason jars

Image credit: AKPrintAndDesign via

If you’d like to bypass making these lovely flower vases, you can purchase them on Etsy. They’re a lovely addition to any mobile home wall.

Bird feathers in a cup or vase

Next, in our slew of fun mobile home decor ideas, we have bird feathers! Yes, our feathered friends are a sweet chirpy reminder of the free air and wonders of the outside.

Run over to your local consignment or second-hand shop and find yourself a quaint vase or cup. Ceramic or a bronze look is always a nice touch. Keep your eyes out for loose feathers or order some online. You can pick out feathers that remind you of your favorite little birdies.

Your vase or cup can serve as a holder for these feathers, putting them on display as a lovely bit of variety atop your fireplace mantle or bookshelf.

Get your hands on a few air cleaning plants

Here’s a chart of a few air cleaning plants you may wish to consider for your home needs.

Having a few plants indoors add a nice touch and pop of color to any home. However, these plants do more than that. They’ll serve as air purifiers for you and your family’s air.

Assuredly, potted plants are perfect for your bookshelves, window sills, or coffee tables.

River stone doormat

At your shower entrance, you can set the mood for your bathroom. If you find the outdoors soothing and therapeutic, you’ll be glad to add this in your look.

A river stone mat is an outdoorsy idea for sure. River stones are smooth and perfect for bare feet.

You can buy these mats online or make your own custom mat.

Of course, choosing to make your own will open a doorway of possibilities in customizing the look. You can pick the exact rocks you’d like, the dimensions of your mat, and the colors of your rocks. You can perfectly coordinate the mat to work with your style.

Woodland inspired ceiling shade

Undoubtedly, this enchanting woodland inspired ceiling shade is sure to fit in with any outdoor-themed interior decor.

Woodland ceiling shade

Image credit: John Lewis Devon

Twig mirror

Finally, we have a twig mirror in our lineup of outdoorsy mobile home decor ideas. Twigs arraying the border of your mirror will look great in the bathroom or living room.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, we’re pretty sure you can collect some twigs and put that glue gun to use on a mirror.

Enjoy the outdoors inside your mobile home

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in some fresh mobile home decor. In fact, it can be very relaxing to change things up a bit. If you’re leaning towards decor with a more specific bent on spring, check out these spring-inspired entryway ideas.

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