What The Mobile Home Construction Process Looks Like

Feb 27, 2018Blog, Buying a mobile home

So you’re thinking this mobile home idea isn’t so bad, but you’re curious about the mobile home construction process.

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Although it’s not as pricey as a stick built home, a home is still a big investment. It’s no wonder you want to know what goes on behind the scenes to build these beautiful and affordable homes. We’ll take you through a tour of our imaginary Mobile Home Pro Factory, representative of the real mobile home manufacturers out there.

Here, put on this hard hat for safety, and let’s get going!

Customer picks out their design

So maybe that hard hat is a little premature. We’re not even in the factory yet! But no worries, we’ll get there.

First of all, the home buyer needs to pick out a mobile home layout or design their own.

Excitingly, numerous mobile home manufacturers provide a vast array of mobile home layouts to choose from. And not only that, but they also give homeowners the option to design their own mobile home layouts. This enables manufacturers to meet the unique needs or desires of potential new home owners. Additionally, they’ll work with you to ensure your design meets HUD regulations.

Mobile Home Design

Ordering materials

Now that your design meets HUD standards and is ready for construction, it’s time for the next step.

The Mobile Home Pro Factory will need to order your home’s construction materials. A good mobile home manufacturer will ensure that they’re providing your home with quality materials.

The mobile home construction process begins: building the steel frame

Now that the factory has the materials on hand, they’ll begin building the steel frame. This will give your home something sturdy to hold it together.


Once the steel frame is atop the steel chassis (the axle and wheels for mobility), the factory installs sheets of OSB for the floor.  

With glue and nails, the subflooring is fully and carefully installed. It’s time for the next segment of the factory line to do their thing. These guys are now driving bolts from underneath the metal frame to properly secure the floor.

Workers begin to sand the floor, creating a smooth surface for the vinyl flooring. You don’t want the vinyl to lay over a bumpy and uneven surface.

Next up, we have holes for the air system cut out, the vinyl flooring is stapled in place, and the toilets and water heater come into play.


While the flooring is in process, other workers are busy putting the exterior and interior walls together. They’re going for precision as they use a jig to ensure the even spacing of the precut studs. The walls are framed out for doors, windows, outlets, any other openings within the design.

Once the exterior and interior walls are assembled, they are moved onto the floor and attached. And the ceiling too is in the making.

Plumbing, electrical, and duct system

While they’re at work, the plumbing crew is getting your showers and tubs installed in place, along with cabinets and mirrors.

Roofing, sheetrock, and siding

Insulation is blown into place. OSB is nailed onto the roof frame, tar paper and shingles are applied and installed.

Meanwhile, two other crews are at work too. One crew is putting the sheetrock on the interior walls. The other is installing the siding on the exterior walls, making both the interior and exterior look more like a home.

It’s all coming together now as carpeting and doors are installed too.

Kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, and appliances

Remember those beautiful cabinets and light fixtures you selected? Look at them now. They’re installed and they really liven up the place! The perfect accents to give your home the style you like.

Cabinets and lighting

And with appliances in place, we’re about done!


Because the Mobile Home Pro Factory cares so much about giving each client the quality they deserve, we have several inspections throughout the entire construction process, from start to finish.

However, to wrap things up and finalize this process, we’re going for one last big inspection.

Everything, and we mean everything, is looked over. The power, water, and gas are tested. We’re checking out faucets, light switches, air ducts, you name it.

And because our crew took so much care to get things right the first time around, there’s not much to adjust before shipping out the manufactured home.

Travel and installation

Alright, we’re ready to roll. The home is carefully hauled to your lot or land.

Once there, we (or the dealer) have professionals ready to make sure the home gets a level and proper installation. These professionals will ensure your home is installed in accordance with HUD standards. Utilities are now working and you’re ready to move in!

Welcome home. We’re glad you joined us for a tour of the mobile home construction process.

The tour’s over! Are you ready to design your own?

While the exact mobile home construction process varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, we gave you a good gist of what the mobile home construction process looks like. Many manufacturers welcome people to tour their factories. Why not arrange for an appointment?

If you’re intrigued by the mobile home idea, don’t forget you can design your own floor plan! Having the power to do things your way, according to your needs and style, is pretty appealing to potential new homeowners.

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