Unique Mobile Home Concepts That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Mar 19, 2018Blog

It comes as no surprise to find there are other cool kids on the block talking about mobile home concepts. The mobile home lifestyle comes with so many perks.

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Namely, living in a mobile home gives you the freedom to chase your dreams. This freedom comes from the savings you’ll have when you choose a mobile home over a stick built house. The cost per square foot comparison is convincing. Between the two housing types, the mobile home wins by a landslide.

With all the praise for mobile homes aside, how about we visit some mobile home owners who are chasing their dreams? They all happen to be bloggers who’ve run with some cool mobile home concepts. Let’s see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it!

People with unique mobile home concepts

Mobile Home Gourmet

Dennis, over at the Mobile Home Gourmet website, is on a mission to share quality recipes created within the walls of his double-wide home.

In jest his website URL is white-trash-cooking.com, but it’s only a joke he says because of the stigma surrounding trailer parks.

He goes on to clarify,

I know I don’t fit the stereotype. I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of California Santa Barbara and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. I’ve written five books and published three. I think of the title as meaning, “here’s a trailer park guy cooking food.” Self-depricating, maybe, but my neighbors here in the park enjoy the humor and they support me.

From the comfort of his mobile home, he provides the world with delicious, savory recipes. From main dishes to side dishes, drinks, and desserts, you’ll find a plethora of yummy recipes on The Mobile Home Gourmet site. These recipes are published both on his blog and in his ebook.

The Trailer Park Homesteader

The Trailer Park Homesteader blog is the brainchild of Sharon. She’s a mobile home owner with a focus on disaster preparedness and self-sufficiency. Wherever you live, whatever you do, Sharon believes preparedness is wise-thinking for the future.

In a nutshell, The Trailer Park Homesteader seeks to educate their blog visitors. This is done through posts on how to homestead and do prepping with limited space and budget. Now that’ll make for some unique mobile home concepts.

Everything a homesteader could wish to know is covered on Sharon’s blog. Seed package myths are debunked. She even provides medical tips for situations such as toothaches. (Mind you, she is quick to add a disclaimer, clarifying that she’s not a doctor.) Her blog is very practical and assuredly a fascinating read for anyone living a trailer park or with small yard space.

Tomato plant

The Mobile Home Woman

Well, you’ve probably heard of the Pioneer Woman. But how about the Mobile Home Woman?

Here we have a blogger named Sherri. She’s a single mom with two daughters. She bought her mobile home at a great deal and now she’s providing her daughter with an educational experience in homesteading.

Being a single mom, Sherri juggles several hats but she does it well. Within the pages of her blog, you can follow along as Sherri and her homeschooled daughters journey through the exciting world of gardening and urban homesteading.

Undoubtedly, their blog inspires as they press forward through the many challenges faced in the homestead life. It also goes to show how freeing and helpful the mobile home idea can be.

Phillips Place

In 2015, Elizabeth and Dale Phillips purchased a 1064 square foot single-wide mobile home in need of lots of love and renovation. From the walls to the floors, and just about everything in between.

At first, Elizabeth was skeptical about the whole idea and wondered what she and Dale had gotten themselves into. But Dale saw the potential and she trusted him. The renovations moved forward. Soon the mobile home won her over.

Sadly, due to flooding, they lost their home in 2016. The loss of time and progress made it wise to purchase a new single-wide from Clayton Homes.

While it’s new, their mobile home journey still continues as they make their new home their own special haven! And you’re invited along for the ride.

The Phillips Place blog is a journal detailing the Phillips’ mobile home adventure.


Any of these concepts mirror your mobile home experience?

So you see, we’re not the only ones who see the great goldmine of opportunity in mobile home living. Unique mobile home concepts abound and you can create your own too. When you find yourself the owner of a mobile home, why not share your journey with the world? You can share from a new set of eyes, both the glories and the pains that come with any change in life.

Like Elizabeth and Dale, perhaps you’re about to embark on some mobile home renovating. How about a look at some budget-friendly renovation ideas?

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