Find The Perfect Christmas Tree To Match Your Mobile Home Style!

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Part of creating an ideal Christmas look is choosing the perfect Christmas tree. Obviously, this will partially depend on what style you’ve already chosen for your mobile home. The holidays are taking on many different decor themes: farmhouse, minimalist, rustic, modern, or just a new spin on the classic holiday colors. If your mobile home already fits within a certain style, chances are you’ll definitely be able to find a Christmas tree that will also fit that look. 

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A Nordic Christmas tree

Also known as a Scandinavian look – and very similar to the minimalist style – a Nordic Christmas theme is sleek and modern. A great way to centralize this look is by creating a Nordic tree like this one:

As you can see, this tree fits in with the Scandinavian style of the home very well. A main point of creating the Nordic style involves emphasizing minimalistic decor and refreshing neutral tones. Additionally, naturalistic items are an important part of a Nordic look, which means a real tree is a better choice than an artificial one for this style. Once you’ve picked out a tree, use ornaments sparingly and in neutral colors to create a graceful Nordic holiday look. 

Modern farmhouse tree

Another holiday look that’s coming into its own is the modern farmhouse look. Of course, this trend has spilled over into the world of Christmas tree decor and has become fairly popular. This tree is a good example of a farmhouse tree in a modern farmhouse home: 

A farmhouse tree is nearly the opposite of a Nordic tree. If you want to create a farmhouse-style tree, you’ll need to use plenty of ornaments rather than just a few. While this style also tends towards a more neutral color theme, it includes tones like gold, silver, and beige as well as black and white. Fortunately, gold and silver are easy to incorporate into Christmas designs. 

Coastal tree

If you’d like an especially unique twist to add to your Christmas decor this year, try out a coastal look! The coastal theme is trendy right now, so why not bring it into the holiday decor – and maybe even bring it into the rest of the house, too?

Rather than sticking with traditional Christmas colors, a coastal look calls for touches of sea blue along with white and beige. This look is easy to fit into any home that already has a neutral theme. Even better, it’s a new, refreshing take on the seasonal look!

An ombre Christmas tree

A new Christmas trend that’s recently emerged is that of the “ombre” tree. As you can see, this trend basically color-codes different sections of the tree:

Ombre Christmas Tree

Ombre Christmas Tree by Little Inspiration via The Spruce

If you’re looking to tap into a new trend this year, this one might be for you. It’s a fairly easy style to achieve, plus it can go with just about any home style. An artificial tree, a few shades of spray paint, and a couple of different colors of ornaments are all you’ll need to make an ombre tree happen. 

Cute tree

This tree is just a big dose of cuteness! The bright pink ornaments make it cute and interesting rather than following a more traditional look: 

Obviously, you can do whatever you want to create a cute tree. Creatively-colored ornaments or trees are great ways to do this, but you can take your design in any direction you like. 

Elegant blue-and-gold tree

Another recent decor trend for the holidays is the combination of blue and gold. This one is definitely a modern and elegant trend that will make your home look regal for the holidays: 

Navy blue is an excellent color tone to use alongside gold. And that’s the color combo you’re going for with this design. You can use a real or artificial tree for this, and you’ll want to make the main color theme of this tree blue and gold, with a few additional colors if you prefer. Neutral colors are always a good option to add to navy blue and gold. 

There’s a perfect tree for your home

With so many options out there, picking the perfect tree for your home can be difficult – but that doesn’t mean there’s not a perfect style out there. Whether you enjoy a farmhouse style, a Nordic look, or something else entirely, you’ll definitely find a style that fits your mobile home for this holiday season. In the end, whatever works best for your home is what you should choose, and if you like it, who’s to say it’s not the perfect tree? 

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