How to Hang Christmas Lights on a Mobile Home – A DIY Guide

You can hear winter winds whistling around your mobile home. And a with a peek out your kitchen window, you can see that you’re living in a snowglobe (or at least it looks that way). But you’re not worried. The inside of your home is a cozy glow of warmth and mobile home Christmas lights. So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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Of course, common sense tells you that there will be some work involved in getting your mobile home into this cozy delightful state. Still, since you really want to enjoy hunkering down this year, you’re willing to put in the effort. In fact, you’re more than ready to get started.

Enjoy the process

Though you could tackle some or all of this project yourself, we suggest you gather willing family members. Make it a group project and a fun one at that. Break out some hot cocoa (and don’t forget the marshmallows) to keep you warm while you work. If you’re working on outside lights, you can even snatch some foam cups to bring with you.

Not everyone likes hot cocoa? Then let a pot of coffee or a teakettle of hot water (and some tea bags) fill in the gaps. The main thing is to get the family in on the action – with everybody pitching in around the mobile home lending a helping hand.

Enjoy the product, too

Once you reach your mobile home Christmas lights finish line, be sure to take a breather and let the coziness sink in. Once the job is done and you’re ready to sit down for a few, turn off some (or all) of the regular lights in the house so you can enjoy the ambiance just created. Plus, you can even take it to the next level by popping some popcorn and declaring a movie night. Feel free to keep lamps and overhead lighting off so you can enjoy watching by the light of your mobile home Christmas lights.

Lights galore

When it comes to mobile home Christmas lights, you have options. What kind of lights you string up could depend on what you already have, your current decor, your favorite color, and what size bulbs you prefer. You could opt for multicolor or a single color. Or you could choose simple white or yellow. Then, of course, you can select large bulbs or small ones.

If your lights have been basically the same year after year, it might be time for a change. While those of us who are strict traditionalists might delight in creating the same look from one year to the next, some of us might be getting tired of the same appearance. If you are pining for a new look, take a few moments before you pick out this year’s lights to poll family members on their preferences. See what people do and don’t like, and figure out if you can come up with a new take on your mobile home Christmas lights. Why let it be boring when it could be exciting?

String lights with round bulbs hung across the ceiling

Mobile home Christmas lights inside

When putting up lights inside the mobile home, here are a couple of things to think about.

  • Avoid tape that will tear up paint when you try to remove it later.
  • Opt for a tape that will be easy to pull up when the time for lights is over. Consider painters tape and find a color that will blend as well as possible with your background (wall, trim, etc.).
  • Use straight pins or tacks to hang lights on. Please note: we’re not suggesting you put tacks or pins through your string of light’s electrical cord. Obviously, safety first! You may need a hammer to get that straight pin into the wall before you prop a light string on it.

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Where, oh where?

Now, where are some places in your mobile home that might benefit from some lights? Of course, there’s the living room. But if you’ve already thought of or executed a living room light plan, here are some other places that you could dress up.

  • Plop some above the refrigerator.
  • Place some in the bathroom (how about a candle and some lights on the bathroom counter?)
  • Why not throw some on dressers, desks, or bookshelves in bedrooms?
  • Add some glow to your laundry room by lighting up the shelf you keep detergent on.

Mobile home Christmas lights outside

Next, moving to the outside of your mobile home, where might you string up exterior lights? Here are some possibilities:

  • Along the eaves of your home
  • Outlining windows
  • Up porch pillars
  • On bushes or trees

A word about safety

String of Christmas lights

Before you go, here’s a quick reminder to take adequate care when putting up your Christmas lights outside. Be sure you’re ready to use a ladder if your decor requires climbing one. Ladders are not for everyone. If you do have to use one, you may want to find someone to hold it at the base to make sure it doesn’t slip while you’re on it.

Additionally, beware of walking on a roof while it has snow, ice, or even wet leaves on it. Plus, consider doing your lighting tasks in the daylight hours for convenience and safety.

Time to take a break?

Once you’ve got your mobile home Christmas lights strung up and ready for dark winter nights, kick back and relax for a few. On second thought, maybe you haven’t earned your rest and recuperation quite yet. If you still have decorating tasks outstanding, your mobile home porch for instance, get to those first, then relax with your hot cocoa.

Up next, we’ll share some ideas for your outdoor Christmas decorations!

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