12 Tips For Hosting A Bridal Shower In Your Mobile Home

Aug 28, 2018Blog, Decorating

You’re about to host a bridal shower in your mobile home. Perhaps it’s because you’re the parent of the bride or groom. Or you could be hosting because you’re a sibling of the guest of honor. Consequently, we’ve got some helpful thoughts here for hosting.

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Make good plans for your space

Of course, it will come as no surprise to you that space is often limited in a mobile home. You live in one so you know that. Nevertheless, you may be able to save yourself some stress and headaches by planning well about what you’re going to do as you host this party.

Use it well

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. Which is why we suggest you make plans beforehand for how best to use your mobile home’s limited space. You may even decide to move furniture around to make more room. If you’ve planned where everything will go ahead of time, then you can wait until others are on hand to help you move the furniture. That way, you don’t injure yourself.

Keep walkways open

Whatever plans you make, keep in mind that you and your guests are going to want space to move around. Especially if there will be a lot of visiting going on, save space for people to mill around comfortably. It’s a good idea to leave a walkway around groups of chairs and plenty of space for people to queue up for a buffet line if you have one.

Set up chairs ahead of time

Set up chairs before guests arrive. This way, you know you’ve got enough spots for everyone to sit. Plus you can take your time rearranging them to make the best use of your space. If you’ve asked any guests to bring extra chairs, plan ahead for where those will go, too. That way, you don’t have to think it through in the flurry of activity as guests are arriving.

Stacks of pastel blue, rustic chairs

Create a special place for gifts

Whether it’s a small table or an ottoman, shoved into a corner, set up a designated place for gifts. Additionally, you can make a sign so you don’t have to tell each guest as they arrive. A small chalkboard with “Gifts Here” written on it is a perfect option. Head over to inmyownstyle.com for more sign inspiration.

Plan where you’re going to put coats and purses

Next, decide on a spot where all your guests can put coats, purses, diaper bags, and any other baggage. It could be as simple as the bed in the master bedroom. Or if you’re not currently using them, on top of the washer and dryer might be another option.

Spread outside if possible

Another great way to expand your space is to spread out outside. If you have a deck or porch, now is definitely the time to use it, provided the weather is nice. You can even set up tables if your party includes food. Just be sure to keep things safe if you’re actually serving food outside.

Designate a spot for the guest of honor

Designating a spot for the guest of honor should be done ahead of time. This way, you can ensure it’s close to the gift area we mentioned above. Plus, it may help your guest of honor feel more comfortable.

Accept offers for help

Sometimes, it can be hard to have other people help with party preparations or with hosting duties. However, it can be a huge relief to delegate tasks. If people offer to assist, take them up on it!

Make a list ahead of time of tasks to be done

Fun party props and a cup of coffee

This is useful both for the day of the party and for the days leading up to it. Decide ahead of time what food others will bring so you’ll know what to request if someone offers to help. Plus, on the day of the party, a list of tasks enables you to easily point helpers towards what needs to be done.

Make food ahead

If at all possible, it’s best to make food ahead of time. You never know what kind of last-minute emergencies will come up. Prepping your edibles in advance can help you avoid last-minute slow-ups. You’d hate to realize you’re missing an ingredient or need longer than expected just as guests are arriving!

Let people know what to expect

To help your guest feel comfortable and to keep the party running smoothly, consider creating an order of events. Print it up on cute notepaper and hand it out. Or, simply announce what the day’s plans are.

Relax and enjoy

Despite the fact that entertaining can be hectic, try to remember to take breathers during the craziness. Don’t run in high gear the whole time. Take a minute to enjoy the lemonade and chat with guests on the deck. Even though you want everything to come out beautifully, remember that this occasion is meant to celebrate the bride-to-be. Your party doesn’t have to be perfect to be delightful and memorable.

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