11 Brands of Mobile Homes that you Should Know About

Today we’ll be taking a look at several different mobile home brands and what makes each one special. From coast to coast, these manufacturers are working hard to build homes that meet HUD standards and look good.

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Fleetwood Homes

Since 1950, Fleetwood has been in the home construction business. Affordable pricing, quality service, and great materials are important in their process. Across the nation, you’ll find Fleetwood plants. Each center caters to the building requirements of their geographical area.

For seven consecutive years, the Manufactured Housing Institute named Fleetwood Homes the MHI Manufacturer of the year. This manufacturer prides itself on its collection of over 1,000 floor-plan designs. At Fleetwood Homes, there’s a home to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

Champion Homes

With award-winning designs under their belt, Champion Homes takes pride in their work. They take note of the smallest of details while providing flexible home spaces in a timely fashion.

But Champion’s care is not limited to their processes. It’s also in their selection of quality construction materials and components. Inside a Champion-built home, you’ll find reputable brands like Whirlpool®, Daltile®, Broan®, and Georgia-Pacific®.

Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes is one of the leading mobile home manufacturers in the nation. In fact, they sell and insure their own homes. As usual, you may choose to have your home moved to a lot or your own property. It’s interesting to note, Palm Harbor Homes has their own mobile home community.

After completion, your home will be brought to your site 80% complete and professionally set up by Palm Harbor’s professional crew.

Additionally, this manufacturer offers green home construction at an affordable cost. Their green home process emphasizes energy efficiency and a more environmentally-friendly building process. Depending on your needs and budget, Palm Harbor Homes has different levels of green construction.

Solar panels

Clayton Homes

Since 1956, Clayton has taken care to pursue innovation and quality homes at an affordable cost. Over the years, they’ve won numerous MHI home design awards, and for eleven years they’ve been deemed MHI retailer of the year. Their factory is certified for green building standards.

Clayton mobile homes are manufactured in a climate controlled facility and building materials. Environmental sustainability is a big deal to their designers and builders. As a result, most of the Clayton Home manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified. The International Organization for Standardization holds their members to a high standard of excellence. Their goal is to encourage environmentally friendly building.

Jacobsen Homes

State of the art engineering and excellence in skill are prime at Jacobsen Homes. Not to mention, they’ve sought to dramatically reduce waste and conserve energy in their construction methods.

Among their many bragging rights is Jacobsen Homes being the first to use Auto-CAD in Florida’s manufactured home industry. Auto-CAD technology enables Jacobsen to have precision in their work.

Redman Homes

Redman Homes seeks innovation in design and providing their customers with the power of customization. Throughout the construction process, this manufacturer will put each of their homes under a variety of inspections. Thirty-five inspections, to be exact.

They work with customers to provide quality and affordability all rolled into one.

Live Oak Homes

In a Live Oak home, you can expect to find energy efficient features like Low E Windows and R-21 roof installation. Their homes are built with your safety in mind. In fact, Live Oak Homes has chosen to build an overhead duct system that carries an R-6 efficiency rating. This goes beyond what energy efficiency standards expect of them.

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Oak Creek Homes

Oak Creek Homes is committed to ensuring your home is set on a secure foundation. In particular, their Quality Care program sets you up with an engineer-approved foundation and an inspection. They understand that in the long run, the way your house is set will affect how your home settles.

Additionally, this manufacturer goes so far as to provide buyers with a seven-year protection plan.

Platinum Homes

Last, but not least, we’ll take a look at Platinum Homes. Platinum Homes seek to give their clients a sturdy home thanks to their careful selection of quality materials. Their floor plans range from traditional to modern.


More importantly, Platinum Homes is a proud member of EnergyStar. EnergyStar homes are built with tight construction, energy efficient heating and cooling, and energy efficient windows.

Mobile home brands moving forward

It’s important to clarify that this article merely scratches the surface of what these mobile home brands can offer in their construction methods and options. If you’re interested in more information, take a moment to reach out to them. They’ll be more than happy to share information about their construction process, custom options, and more.

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