7 Fun & Clever Uses For Your Mobile Home Basement

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Putting your mobile home on top of a basement can give some much needed extra space. Or even just give you another room to play around with.

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We have put together ten ideas for fun and clever uses for your mobile home basement. There are suggestions for everyone from the wellness guru to the cinephile.

1- Home theater

Some double wides and multi-wides have a dedicated media room or a living room and media room combination. But these spaces are often a bit small.

That is why many people decide to turn their basement into their own media room or home theatre. One benefit of this is that it will probably already be dark and quiet so you can get that cinema effect.

You can use the room to hold screening parties for your favorite show with your friends or watch your favorite movies on.

It can be a cool DIY project to dive into.

2- Playroom

Sadly, there just aren’t as many safe spaces for children to play in as there used to be. Smaller homes are becoming more and more popular. But these houses can be too crowded with kids running around.

What could be more exciting to children than having a whole room to play in? A basement can be a perfect place to store all their toys and playthings. It also gives them some space to play in. So while making your children happy, you can also prevent clutter in your house.

You can paint the room in their favorite colors and experiment with fun wallpaper. When your children become older, you can buy desks for them and put it in the room. It can turn into an excellent place for them to do homework and study.

3- Home gym

Fitness and exercise have become a crucial part of many people’s lives. It can be a great way to improve your health and to bust stress.

A woman doing yoga on a mat

But gym subscriptions are expensive. Factor in the long wait for equipment, crowded training spaces and travel time it isn’t for everyone. That is why home gyms are so popular.

You can cover the floor of your basement with rubber mats or exercise mats. Install some equipment like a treadmill and bench. Then you are ready to stay active.

4- Game room

Having a whole game room might sound like an unreachable luxury. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

A basement under your manufactured house can be just the right place to set it up.

Whether you are into computer games or board games, you can base the whole room around your love of them. You can even turn your basement into an arcade.

This can be an excellent place for you and your family to hang out together. It will also allow you to host all your friends for games night.

5- Hobby space

One sore point in many households is the space taken up by everybody’s hobbies. There usually just isn’t a place for everything to go. That’s why a dedicated room for your hobbies can come in handy.

It can give you and your family members a place to explore your creative side whether that be photography or even brewing your own beer.

And if your hobby is messy like woodworking you can avoid getting into trouble.

6- Meditation space

Wellness is in the spotlight nowadays. There is a growing focus on finding ways to improve your health holistically. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to switch off and find a quiet place to yourself.

So why not use your basement as wellness space. You can invest in some speakers to play some nature tracks on and style the room to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Put in some yoga mats, and this can be the ideal spot to unwind after a long day at work.

7- Private library

Every avid reader dreams of having their own personal library. And what better place to do this in your mobile home basement. You can build wall-to-ceiling bookshelves and make it the cozy reading nook that you always wanted.

Private and comfy nook with shelves of books

A library can be combined with a home office. It will give you a nice and quiet place to work away from all the hubbub of the central part of the house.

Make it your own!

Forget the idea that basements are drab and gloomy. Instead, you can quickly transform it into your favorite room in the house. If you take your family and lifestyle as inspiration, there are a variety of fun and clever uses for your mobile home basement.

What can make this even better? Take the space to the next level by trying out some of the best mobile home design and decorating trends of 2019.

And if you missed our article on putting a double wide on a basement be sure to check it out. It will help you get this project started.

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