Will Mobile Home Attachments Affect Resale Value?

So the question today is whether or not mobile home attachments affect resale value. An attachment can be a garage, a porch, a sunroom, etc. that you add to your mobile home’s original structure. 

Together we’ll look at the positive or negative effects of such structures. You’ll find some useful points to help you determine if a mobile home attachment is right for you. Before you press forward with buying a mobile home with an attachment or adding an attachment to your own mobile home, you’ll want to see what we have to share. 

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We’re all about taking your time to scope things out before you make a big investment. After all, it would be a challenge to deconstruct a mobile home addition after you’ve built it!

Will attachments affect resale value?

Will mobile home attachments affect resale value?

That’s a good question.

In short, a mobile attachment does affect your resale value — by increasing it! That’s great news for the person who is considering a mobile home attachment. While it’s no small project, it’s rewarding in more ways than one.

Types of mobile home attachments

There are several types of mobile home attachments to choose from. Let us help you explore a myriad of options. Here’s a breakdown of a few that may catch your eye.


First of all, let’s discuss patios. You can build them to be attached to or detached from your mobile home. A patio is an open space by your home that can be built with concrete, pebbles, rock, brick, or other materials. 

Typically, a patio is built at ground level. 

If you want an easy addition to your mobile home, a patio could fit the bill!


On the other hand, you could install a deck. Decks can be built attached or detached. They can be built well above ground level, providing a great vantage point from which to sit back, relax, and survey your property. They’re often made of wood. 

For those who are looking for ideas, consider that a deck can stand between your home and your above-ground (or in-ground!) swimming pool, providing a wonderful place to grill from and host. 


Now let’s consider the possibility of a porch. 

A porch is a structure that’s typically covered and found at the entrance of a home. It’s not protected from the elements although sometimes folks will install screening to keep bugs and debris from getting into the space. Some porches are small while others run the length of the mobile home, even wrapping around in some designs.

Do you think a porch is right for you?


Let’s talk about sunrooms. They’re lined with windows, and they often boast tall windows that may reach from the floor to the ceiling. A sunroom is a wonderful way to feel connected to the outdoors without dealing with pesky insects, debris, scorching heat, or bitter cold.

A sunroom with big windows

A sunroom is a well-lit haven for entertaining guests or settling in with a book. There’s something charming about a sunroom with all the light streaming in — with the right furniture and plants, it’s quite the oasis. 


And let’s not forget carports. A carport does not have walls on all sides. Oftentimes, you’ll find it comes with one or two walls though. It can stand on its own or it can be attached to your mobile home. While it doesn’t provide protection on all sides, the covered structure can provide some protection to your vehicle and shield your belongings from the elements.

Sometimes, all you need is a way to get out of your car and into your home without getting rained on. And if that’s what you’re looking for, a carport is a great option.


Finally, we have garages on our list. In contrast to a carport, a garage does indeed have coverage from the elements on all sides. Most home garages come with room for one or two vehicles. Of course, there are bigger options out there for additional space. Some people use their garages for storage or to operate their hobbies.

Of course, it’ll cost a bit more to build a garage instead of a carport. But it can leave you feeling like you have additional space in your home once you have a safe spot for storing all those holiday decorations and hobby tools.

Detached and attached garages

In our opinion, a garage is a fantastic idea due to its utilitarian purpose. It can also help with curb appeal and indoor organization as you now have a place to store tools and other household belongings.

But did you know there are two ways to go about installing a garage? That’s right. You can have a detached garage or an attached garage.

So which one is better? 

When it comes to attachced vs. detached garages, it’s actually not about which one is better. It’s about which type works for you and is a good investment for your family. (As a matter of fact, perhaps a garage isn’t the way to go at all. If you’re into hospitality, perhaps a large deck is a better project for you.)

Should you find yourself in the market to sell, then you may prioritize a garage or porch for curb appeal. 

A detached addition to your mobile home will be less costly than an attached addition. Depending on your vision and the type of addition in question, consider installing it next to your mobile home structure. By sealing the openings to your home structure, the addition and the mobile home can shift without affecting one another. 

Additionally, it would be ideal to construct an addition that supports its own weight.

Do your research

Don’t get knee-deep into plans prior to doing your research. We can’t stress this enough. Reach out to your local government and see what stipulations (if any) are in place for mobile home attachments. You don’t want to compromise your mobile home’s structure if they have regulations in place that would prohibit attachments. Otherwise, you will have a problem on your hands in trying to get it to pass inspection in the future (should you choose to sell it).

The hassle of having to deal with inspections and permits every step of the way (if your locality requires it) may drive you to seek out a more simple project such as a patio. And you may wish to consider going for a detached construction plan for your addition to limit tampering with your mobile home structure.

Person sitting at desk with laptop and notebook

If you’re committed to doing adequate research, but you can’t find all the answers you’re looking for, don’t forget to tap into the knowledge of those who have gone before. You can always reach out to seasoned mobile home buyers/sellers in your area and see if they’re willing to answer your questions. Local real estate agents may also have answers to some of your questions, especially if they have experience with mobile homes. Plus, you can always check out mobile home forums on the internet. Maybe someone else has already submitted a question similar to yours. And if not, you can be the first to open up the topic so others can weigh in.

Benefits to adding an attachment

There are numerous benefits to adding an attachment to your home where and if it’s permissible.

Additional square footage

There’s an appeal that comes with additional square footage. An attachment to your mobile home can increase your square footage. 

Were you looking for additional office space? Setting up your desk in a corner of your sunroom can offer a beautiful spot for getting some work done. Or you could use the attachment for extra workout space. Be creative.

Fostering connectivity to the outdoors

There’s something alluring about the mobile home attachment options we’ve discussed — they foster connectivity to the outdoors. This is great for mental health and creativity. 

A place for storage and shelter from the elements

Depending on the type of attachment, you’ll have a place for storing your vehicles and belongings —  and a shelter from the elements.

Curb appeal

Some attachments such as a porch or garage can increase overall curb appeal for your home. They’re both utilitarian and aesthetic if the design is right.

Attachment design factors

When considering the design and appearance of your attachment, you could choose to aim for an addition that looks like it’s “supposed” to be there. Some additions are aftermarket installations that can be added to your home yet look like they were part of it from the start. This could be a plus.

Take some time to mull over the following additional questions as you plan your mobile home attachment’s design.

Does it complement your mobile home?

First of all, does your attachment design complement your mobile home’s design? You want your design to match the style of your mobile home. Otherwise, you may end up with an eyesore on your hand. The attachment’s style should complement rather than fight against your mobile home’s style.

What is the purpose of your attachment?

Are you putting an emphasis on hospitality and hosting? Consider a spacious attachment. Is it just for you and your spouse to enjoy? Perhaps it doesn’t need to be so big. It’s up to you to consider your desires and purpose and keep them in mind as you plan your design.

Is your design timeless?

If you’re looking to make your design somewhat different from your mobile home’s exterior but different in a way that still complements it, we encourage you to take timelessness into consideration. Don’t go with a design in line with fads. Stick to something you’ll be happy with 15 years down the road. Construction updates are not cheap.

Work with a professional

If you’re tampering with your mobile home’s structure, we suggest working with a contractor who is well-equipped to help you make your mobile home dreams into realities.

Architect drawing on paper with pen

Should you choose to bring in a professional, do your homework. Ask questions. Seek testimonials. Consider seeing some of their previous work and chatting with previous clients. You don’t want to find yourself in a nightmare relationship with a contractor if you can avoid it. 

There are some fantastic, reliable contractors out there. Just do what you can to vet your options. You’ll be glad you did. In the hands of a professional, your dreams will be realized with care and efficiency.

Want to increase resale value on a dime?

If you’re looking to increase resale value on a dime, consider some small things with a big impact on curb appeal. 

Pressure wash the exterior

Has your mobile home’s exterior seen better days? Consider pressure washing to bring some new life to that dirty siding. 

Add mobile home skirting

Are those tires taunting you from underneath the mobile home? Make that eyesore disappear. Add some mobile home skirting. It’ll also help keep critters out from underneath your mobile home. (They can wreak havoc on your electrical system and insulation if you don’t watch out!)

Clean up the yard

If there’s clutter and old items sitting out in the yard, it’s time for a cleanup day. Make your home shine by taking care of that yard.

Paint the front door

A fresh coat of paint on the front door can increase curb appeal. Try it. See the facelift happen before your eyes.

It’s all about that curb appeal

For those who are looking to increase resale value, do not underestimate the value of curb appeal. The right mobile home attachment can certainly aid with that. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of all your options. You won’t regret taking the time to plan. 

Selling your mobile home

Maybe you’re adding attachments and improving curb appeal because you’re about to put your mobile home on the market. If you’re looking to sell, that’s no small decision. Let us help you succeed at snagging a winning sale. Read our article titled “How to market a mobile home.” We’ll give you the rundown on how to make a quick sale. Selling a mobile home will take more than only listing it for sale. Trust us. We’ve been down the seller’s path countless times. 

Here at US Mobile Home Pros, we know what it takes to sell a mobile home. From renovations to signing the contract, we’re here to help you tackle this step of the mobile home journey.

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