The Mobile Home Advantage & What Makes Them Desirable Housing

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The mobile home advantage is real and worth your consideration as a desirable housing option. Whether you’re a family or retiree, you’ll find that the mobile home can provide you with a versatile living experience at an affordable price.

The Mobile Home Advantage & What Makes Them Desirable Housing - Featured Image

According to MHI, twenty-two million people are living in manufactured homes here in the U.S. In 2016, 81,000 of these homes went into production. Thanks to a growing awareness of mobile home quality, these numbers continue to grow.

The mobile home advantage

With the statistics before us, it comes as no surprise that positive mobile home awareness is growing. There are several reasons to view mobile homes as a desirable housing option for you and your family.

More bang for your buck than a stick built home

According to a census survey, the average cost of a new manufactured home is $47.55 per square foot, while the average cost of a site-built home came out to $100.65 per square foot. As you can see, the average cost of a stick-built home is more than double what a mobile home goes for.

With the same amount of money you’d spend on a stick-built home, you could get more floor space in a mobile home!

From an economic standpoint, a mobile home is an appealing idea. But that’s not all it has going for it.

Forget the “too close for comfort” apartment life

In an apartment, you have to deal with the pains that come with having only a thin wall in between you and your neighbor. It’s not a joy to be on either side of the annoyance – whether you’re the one annoyed by the noise next door, or the one constantly being asked to keep quiet.

If you have kids or love hosting some intense board games, it’s time to place a little distance between you and your neighbors. It’s high time you stopped feeling like your home wasn’t your own.

With a mobile home, you’ll either have your own property to put it on or find yourself renting a nice lot in a community. Either way you go, there will be ample space between you and your neighbors.

Neighbor's fence

This makes for a happier neighborly friendship!

Looking at tiny houses? Look no further

The tiny house craze is growing, but what people often overlook is the fact that a mobile home can be the perfect tiny house candidate. You can quench your tiny house thirst by downsizing to a simpler no-fuss lifestyle.

At 437 square feet, the Micro mobile home floor plan is small but well laid-out in its design. An open floor space in the kitchen and living room area keeps it from feeling cramped.

Design it your way

Another aspect of the mobile home advantage is the variety of design options at your fingertips. Whatever it is you want, your mobile home company will probably be able to deliver.

Need a flex room? Granite countertops? A pantry? How about a dining room? Maybe an extra boost of energy efficiency in your home’s construction is a priority. Talk to different manufacturers and see what their options look like.

Saves you money

There’s no doubt about it, living in a mobile home can save you money. For one, there is no property tax if you’re home is parked on a lot. They’re more affordable than site-built homes as we’ve stated above. It’s even more affordable and convenient than apartment housing.

When it’s all said and done, a mobile home can empower you to live a life with more flexibility. You can own a home without owning land. The money you save can be put towards taking that dream trip to South America.

Peru, South America landscape

Built to a standard of excellence

Because these homes are built inside a factory, the materials are protected from the elements. And the construction process is held to a highly controlled standard of excellence. No need to worry about sham contractors or thieving extra hands.

And here’s the thing – HUD code demands certain standards of quality from manufactures. This ensures a safe and energy efficient home. In addition to that, environmentally friendly organizations are providing manufacturers with guidelines to go above and beyond the HUD minimum requirements. These manufacturers comply and receive certification to proudly display to potential new customers.

Plus, the turnaround time is a winner! A stick-built home could take months to complete, while a mobile home can be constructed and delivered within weeks!

Don’t miss out!

The mobile home advantage is real. More people are becoming aware of this fact and you don’t want to be the one to miss out due to misconceptions about mobile home quality. Here’s an overview of mobile construction standards. You’ll find that that today’s mobile homes have come a long way from the drabbiness of their predecessors.

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