How Would You Update Your Mobile Home With $1 Million?

by Jul 2, 2019

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What would you do if you had $1 million just for updating your mobile home? If you’re like most of us, you probably haven’t given it much thought. But, in case it ever happens, why not let your imagination run wild? Perhaps some of these fancy upgrades will catch your eye. 

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First of all, how have others upgraded their mobile homes?

Sometimes, it’s discouraging to think about upgrading a mobile home. Even today, mobile homes are often frumpy or mismatched to the point of seeming impossible to remodel. Fortunately, this mobile home underwent a full renovation that definitely proves that a stunning remodel is within your reach. Additionally, these updated mobile home examples are an inspiration that we can’t overlook! 

Kitchen upgrades

Mobile home kitchens are usually one of the places where upgrades are especially expensive and often necessary. Here are a few that you should definitely look into if you ever come by a million dollars to update your mobile home with. 

High-end kitchen countertops

Countertops are an important kitchen upgrade for more than one reason. If you’re looking for a good way to spend your money, installing better countertops is a reasonable investment. First of all, sleek, beautiful countertops are something that every modern kitchen needs: if you want a contemporary look in your home, choose upscale countertops for your kitchen. High-end marble and lava are two expensive options that’ll absolutely take your kitchen to the next level as far as design. This countertop is an example of the different types of colors and finishes that are available in lava countertops:

Additionally, quality countertops are a good way to save yourself money in the long run and create a kitchen that holds up to everyday demands. Most high-end, expensive countertops are extremely durable and totally worth it. 

Cabinet makeover

If you’re going to update your kitchen, you can’t pass up the chance to redo your cabinets. More specifically, upgrading your cabinets to match your countertops is also a good choice. “Open shelving, glass doors, and more industrial looks” are in this year, and some popular colors include gray, white, and plain wood. If you’re planning to spend plenty of money to get just the right look, custom-made cabinets are the way to go. Follow this link to get some ideas of what custom-made cabinets will look like.

If these cabinets look like something you might want in your kitchen, custom-made cabinetry might be a good investment. 

Luxury appliances

Updating your kitchen appliances is great, but indulging in fancy, expensive appliances is an even better way to upgrade your kitchen. Here you’ll find some examples of luxury kitchen appliances, like this upscale stove: 

Bathroom updates that are worth your money

Your kitchen isn’t the only place that needs some upgrades. Spending some money on your bathroom and bedroom is also a great way to make your mobile home a more luxurious place. 

Marble bathrooms

Marble isn’t just for bathroom countertops. A beautiful way to upgrade is to install a marble shower like this one. In addition, you can update your bathroom with marble flooring or marble walls if you want to take your new design even further.

With that said, marble might not be suitable for some types of mobile homes. It’s a good idea to do your research before creating your dream marble bathroom.

Luxury bathtub

A home upgrade just isn’t complete without a fancy bathtub. We’re just a little bit jealous of this one. Talk about an upgrade – this bathtub turns an ordinary bathroom into a wonderfully luxurious space! 

Luxurious bathtub in bathroom

Water Monopoly Tub by Douglas Friedman via Elle Decor

Some outdoor upgrades you need this year

Mobile home upgrades certainly aren’t limited to your home interior! Here are some ideas for exterior upgrades you might enjoy. 

Add a porch or deck to your mobile home

Adding a deck or a porch to a mobile home has the potential to make it look and feel much more expensive. For example, take a look at this mobile home with its beautiful front porch:

If you prefer an enclosed porch, you’ll love this one:

Outdoor kitchen 

With so much money to spend, you should definitely think about creating your dream outdoor kitchen. There are so many different types of outdoor kitchens, from pizza oven designs to bar and grill areas. Check out this outdoor kitchen that we think would look great in your yard – it’s got a pizza oven that’s big enough to cook all the pizza you could want. 

Outdoor pizza oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven by Daniel Driensky via HGTV

BBQ area

If an outdoor kitchen isn’t quite right for your yard, try making a big budget BBQ area! Set up a grill in your backyard and grill out with your friends and family. Another option is a BBQ smoker: Business Insider has a list of the best smokers to spend your money on. 

Leave room for personal creativity

Of course, you’ll want to leave room for personal creativity during your mobile home makeover. Just because something is expensive or luxurious doesn’t mean it should be your first choice. Instead, go with upgrades that you know you’ll love in your home. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you feel great about your remodel! 

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