White Lake, MI Mobile Home Sales

White Lake, MI Mobile Home Sales and Property Values

As Michigan’s leader in mobile and manufactured home valuation, contact EZ Homes today for more information about the value of your mobile home in White Lake. The major mobile home communities in White Lake include:

  • Cedarbrook Estates, 323 Le Grand Boulevard, White Lake, MI 48383   (248) 887-4131
  • Chateau Cranberry Lake, 9620 Highland Road, White Lake, MI 48386   (248) 698-1120
  • Meadow Lake, 3951 Bentwood Circle West, White Lake, MI 48383   (866) 786-5415
  • Village On The Lake, 8300 Pontiac Lake Road, White Lake, MI 48386   (248) 666-3860
  • White Lake Mobile Village, 1415 Fisk Road, White Lake, MI 48386   (866) 786-9650
  • White Lake Trailer Park, 4111 Jackson Boulevard, White Lake, MI 48383   (248) 887-4781

If you have property in the following communities, or even outside of these parks, we may be able to help you get a sale done quickly and easily. EZ Homes buys mobile and manufactured homes that:

  • Have Shingled Roofing
  • Have Pitched Roof Surface
  • Was constructed after 1987, and
  • Have Vinyl Siding.

Should you wish to find out how much we would offer you, you can go to our home page and receive a rough estimate emailed to you immediately.

Trying to sell your own mobile home is difficult.  We have many resources available, so contact us if you are experiencing a difficult time selling or if you just want the process completed.  EZ Homes is always an option for residents trying to sell in the White Lake area.  We pay cash for homes and are usually available for an appointment within twenty-four hours of our first contact.

How our process works!

We do understand if you would rather attempt to sell your mobile home yourself, rather than sell it to us. Since we resell the home, we often cannot pay what the owner is asking for the home.  However, when setting the selling price of your home, you may want to consider several factors.  Again, we have written an article that may assist you in this process.

If you have landed on this page because you are interested in purchasing a mobile home in White Lake, contact us for a free list of available homes that we have for sale.  Some of the parks where we may have homes to offer are listed below for your convenience:


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