Walled Lake, MI

Walled Lake Mobile Home Sales, Michigan

EZ Homes is currently looking to purchase mobile homes in the city of Walled Lake, Mi.  If you are selling your manufactured or mobile home and you have grown tired of the sales process, we are here for you.  We can take the burden off of you by paying you cash for your home.  We will then take on the task of finding a buyer.  We have several people on our buyers list at a time who are looking for homes in the city of Walled Lake.

Why would you call us?  Well, for starters, we never have to be approved by parks.  We can purchase your home the same day we view it. Also, we do not have to seek funding for the purchase.  We pay in cash.

So, how do you get started?  You can get a free estimate from our home page by answering a few questions about your mobile home.  After you have completed the questionnaire, we will email you a rough quote with a range of values.  This is our initial quote and is neither final nor binding.  If you agree with the quote that we send to you, you can contact us by calling 810-584-5851 and set up an appointment to view your home.  At this point, we will be able to make our final offer to you.  To get more information on the closing process, click here.

If you are a buyer in search of a mobile home in Walled Lake, MI. we ask that you send us an email with a discription of the type of home you are seeking (ie, number of bedrooms and bathrooms).  At that point, we will send you a list of the available homes in the area.  If we don’t have a home in Walled Lake, we’ll send you pictures of homes in the area.  Otherwise, we’ll just place you on a buyers list and call you when we come across something.

Below are a couple parks in the city of Walled Lake.

  • Commerce Ridge, 185 Huntley Drive, Walled Lake, MI 48390   (248) 624-5115
  • Fawn Lake Estates, 831 North Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake, MI 48390   (248) 624-0709

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