Sterling Heights, MI

Mobile Home Sales in Sterling Heights, MI

Understanding local markets, values and conditions are key to buying and selling any manufactured home property. In Sterling Heights, there are several mobile home parks and communities, including:

  • Rudgate Manor, 5150 Rudgate Circle, Sterling Heights, MI 48310   (810) 939-2090
  • Sterling Estates, 43475 LA Grand Boulevard, Sterling Heights, MI 48314   (586) 731-7900

As the specialists in monitoring local market and sales conditions for these and other communities throughout Michigan, EZ Homes is in a unique position to connect sellers and buyers.

In some cases, EZ Homes will make cash offers for mobile and manufactured homes. To be considered for an offer to buy or to sell your home quickly, the property must have been constructed after 1987, have a shingled and pitched roof and be covered with vinyl siding. Should you be looking to sell your home quickly, please contact us today.

We are currently purchasing homes in the Sterling Heights area and pay top dollar for double wide homes with three bedrooms and two baths.  Do you have a mobile home for sale in Sterling Heights, MI?  If so, and you’ve had trouble getting your phone to ring, we may be able to help you.  Contact us today for more information or read more about how our process works!

If you are experiencing difficulty in selling your mobile or manufactured home and want to do this yourself, we offer some solutions and suggestions on our Selling Tips page.  If you seek an offer from us, please understand that we may offer you less than what you feel your home is worth.  However, we have a buyer pool that knows the market and knows how many homes are for sale out there.  This may push purchase prices down state wide. Still, it costs nothing to find out what we can offer you. And… if you are looking to sell in a hurry, we may be just the solution.

It costs nothing to find out what we can offer you, so contact us today to find out what we ca offer you .

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