South Lyon, MI

Mobile Home Purchasing in South Lyon, MI

South Lyon, Michigan has a number of mobile home communities where mobile and manufactured homes are located. Among these are:

  • Silver Lake Mobile Park, 10987 Silver Lake Road, South Lyon, MI 48178   (248) 437-6211
  • South Lyon Woods Park, 530 Lanier Street, South Lyon, MI 48178   (248) 437-0676

When purchasing or selling mobile or manufactured homes, it always helps to understand the peculiarities and trends of the local, micro-market. EZ Homes is the expert in connecting buyers with sellers of mobile and manufactured home property in the state of Michigan. As we are the voice of experience in difficult markets, we can often help sell a home quickly, or in some instances, even purchase the property directly for cash.

Purchasing a home for cash is a particularly valuable option for sellers that need to liquidate the property quickly. Today, EZ Homes is paying cash for mobile homes in the city of South Lyon, MI, so if you or someone you know is trying to sell a mobile or manufactured home, MSS may be able to help – especially if the sale needs to be made quickly.

Should the home meet the following criteria, MSS is willing to pay you cash for your home. Minimum sales criteria are that the home must have:

  • a pitched AND shingled roof
  • been built after 1987
  • vinyl siding already installed

A desired community location, South Lyon continues to attract residents. For those selling property though, the process can be difficult to manage. If you would like a free assessment of what it will take to sell your home, contact us today.

For a free on-line rough estimate, just go to our home page and answer a few simple questions.  With your answers, we will be able to construct a basic estimate of what we would be willing to offer you for your mobile home.  Following that, should you want to continue with the process, we will schedule a  site-visit to validate the condition of the property. To learn more about how our process works just visit our website.

If you decide that you are going to continue trying to privately sell your mobile home you may wish to read more from our catalog of sales documentation. As always, please do not hesitate to contact Mobile Selling Solutions for a free consultation.

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