Richmond, MI

Mobile Home Values in Richmond, MI.

We buy mobile homes in the city of Richmond, Mi.  We are currently looking for homes with pitched roofs that are shingled and were built between the years 1987 & 2012. If you have a home that you would like to sell, matching this description, we ask that you go to our home page.  From there, you will get an estimate of what we would be willing to pay for your mobile home.  If you believe we are in the correct range for your homes value, contact us. At this point, we will set up an appointment to come out and view your home. For further information on the closing process, click here.

How our process works!

If you have been searching for a mobile home in the city of Richmond, MI. we may have one that fits your needs.  Contact us today with a list of needs, such as size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and we will send you a list of available homes that match your description.

We know of one mobile home park found in the city of Richmond, Mi.  We have provided the information for you below if you would like to look into this park.

Richmond Place Mobile Home Estate, 36401 Division Road, Richmond, MI 48062   (866) 786-7151

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