Redford, MI

What are Homes Worth in Redford, MI?

EZ Homes buys mobile homes in the city of Redford, MI. We buy all single wide and double wide homes with the following criteria:

  • It has a pitched roof
  • It has a shingled roof
  • It has vinyl siding
  • It was built between the years 1987 & 2012

If you have a mobile home for sale in the state of Michigan, we ask that you contact us today. We make cash offers on all our homes and usually make an appointment to view the home within 24 hours of our first communication. Go to our home page now for an immediate offer. Just fill in your name and email and then answer a few questions. We will instantly send you an initial offer for your home. For information on the sales process with Manufactured Selling Solutions, click the link below:

How our process works

If you live in Redford, MI and need help determining a value for your home, we can help. We’ve written an article that can help assist you in determining a sales price for your mobile home.

If you have a home in one of the following mobile home park found in Redford, we ask that you contact us today for an immediate offer.

Long’s Mobile Home Court, 26530 Redford Road, Redford, MI 48239   (313) 937-8110

\Warwick Village Trailer Coach, 24600 Joy Road, Redford, MI 48239   (313) 531-8646

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