Novi, MI.

Valuing Mobile Homes in Novi, MI

Do you have a mobile home for sale in the city of Novi, MI.?  If you do, you’re probably frustrated with the lack of responses.  We have an article that may help you with your efforts.  However, if you are just trying to get the most money out of your mobile home in a dead market, you may want to contact us. EZ Homes buys mobile homes in every city across Michigan.  We pay cash, and often, within twenty-four hours of the time we are contacted.  Below is a list of criteria that the home must have in order to be considered:

  •  Between the years of 1987-2012
  • Vinyl sided
  • Pitched roof
  • Shingled roof

If your mobile home matches the above description, fill out our form to get a free range estimate emailed to you.  This estimate will give you an approximate value to the offer we would make to you.  Please keep in mind, this is only an estimate and could differ from the final offer depending on the condition of the home.

How our process works!

Novi is growing city and a desirable location for families.  However, with a saturated market, it has proven difficult to sell mobile homes for what they were once worth. We have a pool of qualified buyers and do not need to be approved by parks.  Call us today!  (810) 584-5851

Chateau Estates Novi, 42000 Carousel Street, Novi, MI 48377   (248) 624-4200

Country Cousin Mobile Village, 26855 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI 48377   (248) 349-0120

Highland Hills Estates, 25600 Seeley Road, Novi, MI 48375   (248) 474-0320

Little Valley Homes, 45225 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48375   (248) 349-2500

Novi Meadows, 26250 Virginia Avenue, Novi, MI 48374   (248) 349-6966

Old Dutch Farms, 27000 Napier Road, Novi, MI 48374   (248) 349-3949

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