Mount Morris, MI

Buying mobile homes in Mount Morris, MI

EZ Homes is now seeking mobile homes in the city of Mount Morris, MI. We purchase homes from private sellers and then find buyers for them… so you don’t have to. If you have been trying to sell your mobile home and have found it to be much more difficult that you realized, we may be of assistance to you. We are prepared to make an offer within 24 hours from the time we first make contact. You can call us at 810-584-5851 or visit our home page and start the process now.

How our process works!

If you are looking to purchase a mobile home in the city of Mount Morris, we ask you to contact us as well. We often have homes in parks that are for sale. We may have one in one of the parks listed below.

Mount Morris is a great place to live if you travel for work. Located just north of Flint, MI., Mount Morris is conveniently close to major expressways, such as I-75, I-475, and US-23.

Give us a call to day to sell your mobile home once and for all.

Camelot Villa Community, 8300 Coventry Boulevard, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 640-1200

Diane Mobile Home Manor & Sales, 6261 North Saginaw Street, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 789-0321

Dutch Village, 2198 East Mount Morris Road, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 686-4290

Gunther Mobile Court & Sales, 6136 North Dort Highway, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 789-3771

Highlands, 2197 East Mount Morris Road, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 686-7020

North Dort Manor Limited, 8500 North Dort Highway # G, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 687-0430

North Morris Estates, 9098 North Saginaw Road, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 687-1011

Pineview Manufactured Home Sales, 7499 North Genesee Road, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 640-2001

South Creek Village, 187 Southcreek Drive, Mount Morris, MI 48458 (810) 687-2910

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