Freeland, MI – Sell Your Mobile Home !

Sell Your Mobile Home in Freeland, MI

EZ Homes is now buying mobile homes in Freeland, MI.  If you have a home for sale and would like to speak with us, we ask that you go to our home page and get an immediate quote.  At that point, we will know a little bit more about the home and can determine if this is something both parties would like to pursue.  For more information on our policies, click here.

If you are thinking about moving to Freeland, MI. and would like to know what mobile homes we have available in the area, contact us with some information about your desired home.  At this point, we can send you a list of the properties we have.  Some in formation that would be helpful, includes number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Also, we need to know whether you want a double wide or single wide home.

Below are the mobile home parks that we are familiar with in the city of Freeland. If, after you have researched these parks, you feel you want to contact us, we would be happy to send you our list.  If we don’t have a home in this park, we will send you a list of properties in surrounding cities.

Falconview Estates Inc, 9645 Meadowlark Court, Freeland, MI 48623   (517) 695-6600

Freeland Mobile Home Park, 10340 Midland Road # 1, Freeland, MI 48623   (989) 695-9730

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