Observing Memorial Day In A Mobile Home: Tips & Ideas

May 23, 2018Blog

As the month of May comes to an end, celebrating Memorial Day draws closer. Many are getting ready for get-togethers as they’re also reminded about why this special occasion is celebrated.

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Being a mobile home owner and having people over for a celebration can be somewhat stressful. However, we’ve got some recommendations. Let us help you with some fun ways to celebrate Memorial Day in a mobile home.

Keep that stress away

Firstly, a friendly tip. Whether you have a single-, double-, or triple-wide mobile home, don’t let stress grab a hold of you if you’re hosting a party. Let it be something exciting! You can easily impress your guests and make them feel comfortable no matter how big or small your home.

5 Ways to celebrate memorial day in a mobile home

Decorate the outside

Decorating the outside of your mobile home doesn’t have to be terribly elaborate. Simple and lightly decorated is enough to give a great impression to your guests and neighbors.

Hanging a wreath of blue, red, and white on your door is a great decor in and of itself. Many dollar stores and craft stores will sell wreaths of various materials with these three significant colors. However, if you’d like to DIY, there are tons of ideas that you can find online. There are wreaths you can make from materials such as burlap intertwined with ribbons.

Once you have a wreath hanging proudly on your door, get some mason jars and paint them either all three of the main colors in horizontal stripes or pick one color per jar. You could get quite creative with these mason jars. Once it’s ready, fill up your mason jars with pebbles and stalks of white carnation flowers.

You can place these mason jars by your door or on your patio if you have a patio. Place them anywhere that they’ll be noticed.

Make an ice-cream bar on a cart

Beverage carts are a big hit in get-togethers and parties. They are not only easier for the host of the party, but they are fun for guests. A different yet simple way of entertainment. However, for Memorial Day, kick it up a notch and turn a beverage cart into an ice-cream bar. All you’ll need is an empty corner in the dining or living room of your mobile home and a small to medium cart.

Ice cream sundae with fresh strawberries in a sundae cup

Of course, you can still add beverages on the cart to keep your hosting simple.

Since there are different preferences for ice-cream toppings, grab a variety: gummy bears, M&Ms, chocolate chips, peanuts, honey roasted cashews, marshmallows, granola, fresh berries, and the list goes on. Arrange them in a stylish way on your cart.

Fill up glass bowls with these toppings. Or get colored bowls that are in red, white, or blue. Oversized paper bowls for ice-cream with loads of toppings. Plastic wine glasses for sundaes or floats. Get some fun patterned napkins and thick acrylic spoons.

Leave some room on the bottom of your cart for a couple bottles of bubbly for adults and juice for the kids. Additionally, fruit-infused, iced water would be refreshing for everyone. Keep the plastic cups with these drinks.

Get the grill going, indoors

Memorial Day definitely calls for grilling. It is also one of the most practiced traditions for this holiday. This style of cooking somehow makes the mood brighter and heightens the appetites of almost everyone. There’s something fascinating and soothing about the aroma of grilled foods.

And you don’t have to always be outside to enjoy some tasty, grilled food.

Obviously, with warm sunshine after the cold weather, it’s nice to be outdoors. But getting too hot or perhaps, rained on, can end up making this celebration an indoor get together. That doesn’t mean the fun ends.

Cast-iron grill pans are great to have, especially if you’re wanting grilled food during the cold weather months. They retain heat much better than a Panini-style or indoor grill. Moreover, the ridges give such attractive grill marks on your food. All you’ll need apart from the cast-iron grill is:

  • A pair of tongs: to flip steaks, chicken, shellfish or vegetables
  • A heavy-duty spatula: to flip burgers or delicate fish fillets
  • A pastry brush: to brush oil, glazes, and barbecue sauces
  • Canola or vegetable oil: best for grilling due to high smoking point and they do not add flavor

Bring out the boardgames

As entertainment, most of us, including young adults and kids, use mobile phones or iPads. Although these modern gadgets are useful, they can take away from socializing with one another. We may not always think about it, but socializing does help us to enjoy one another better than lifeless gadgets.

A dice sitting on top of a board game

If you don’t have any board games, go out and buy at least two and a deck of cards. Thankfully, board games have not vanished from being sold in stores. You can find them at Costco, WalMart, Target or if you have time, order them online. There are usually sales going on for Memorial Day as well!

Some recommended games: Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Apples to Apples, Pictionary

Complimentary party favors

After a full day of celebrating Memorial Day, treat your guests to mason jar cheesecakes. Yes, they’ve had the ice-cream from your elegant ice-cream bar cart. However, this can be something they can enjoy the next day.

These are easy to make and will surely bring a smile to your guests’ faces. Additionally, these cheesecakes uses ingredients that have the three patriotic colors. Wrap each jar with burlap string and a “Thank You” tag and hand them out.

Don’t forget to laugh

As you celebrate Memorial Day with loved ones, be sure to laugh and create great memories. Enjoy the food, enjoy socializing, and be thankful.

If you need tips on keeping your mobile home cool as the summer heat warms up, learn about our tricks here.


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