Luxury Double Wide Mobile Homes Prices: A Comprehensive Guide

Luxury Double Wide Mobile Homes Prices

Those in the market for their first (or their next) mobile home should weigh out multiple factors before deciding on a unit. More often than not, the budget makes it to the top three list of considerations, sharing the spotlight with location and size.

One of the best choices that tick off all three factors is luxury double-wide mobile homes. Not only do these units offer a spacious setting for growing families or couples who love the extra wiggle room, but they are still relatively cheaper than most traditional homes of the same size and premium features. Despite being classified as “luxury” types, they are still more economical in terms of overall cost relative to stick-built homes.

Below, we explore the average luxury double-wide mobile home prices, the different elements that make this option stand out, and also which manufacturers are best known to supply these types of homes.

Average Luxury Double-Wide Mobile Home Prices

The price of a luxury double-wide mobile home can heavily vary based on the features you opt to include, the brand of amenities you prefer, and the overall floor plan of your home. However, most ready-made luxury double-wide mobile homes today are priced at an average of $60 to $74 per square foot.

Features That Make A Luxury Double Wide Mobile Home Desirable

Many features make a luxury double-wide home more enticing than other options, including:

Square Footage

Single-wide homes come at an average of 1000 square feet or smaller while double-wide homes are usually an average of between 1,500 to 2,300 square feet. It offers a good amount of room for growing families without the hefty price tag of site-built homes of the same size.

Moreover, it’s not only the width and length that bring attention to the home’s spaciousness but the height of a double-wide variant can also be impressive. From higher ceilings to larger windows, you can expect to have a breathable home that makes it easy to bring in more natural light and fresh air.

Premium Materials and Finishes

beautiful kitchen

With luxury mobile homes, you can expect the materials to be of premium grade. We’re talking about marble countertops, granite backsplashes, beautiful kitchen islands, carpeted or hardwood floors, and more. The fixtures used will be of higher quality than most standard mobile homes as well, which ensures the longevity, durability, and reliability of the space you utilize every day.

High-End Appliances

Not only will the materials be of top quality but the appliances that complete your home will be too. From stainless steel to designer fixtures and dimmer lighting to a fully-equipped entertainment room, you can expect modern devices that boost your quality of life and may even contribute to a smarter home.

Wall Type Options

Most standard homes come with a VOG wall finish, which means vinyl over gypsum. They are plastic panels secured with battens to cover seams. However, with luxury mobile homes, you have the option to have tape and texture-finished walls, which are the standard of site-built homes.

Tape and texture wall types involve raw drywall with drywall mud applied to cover the seams. This is then taped, sanded, and sprayed over with texture before it is painted.

More Natural Light

Mobile Home Living Room With High-ceiling Windows

More often than not, luxury double-wide homes have large, high-ceiling windows that let in a lot of natural light throughout the home. This acts as a double benefit since the utilization of natural light lessens the need for ambient lighting, thus lowering the total bill for electricity per month.

Extra Amenities

All mobile home sizes come with customizable floor plans. However, some features are most common only in luxury mobile homes, such as:

  • Entertainment Rooms
  • Bar
  • Walk-In Pantry
  • Walk-In Closets
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Gooseneck Faucets
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Barn Doors
  • Soaking Tubs
  • Mudrooms
  • Fireplaces
  • Ceiling Beams
  • Skylights
  • And More

Key Components of Luxury Double-Wide Homes

While luxury is subjective, there are a few general key components that set all luxury double-wide mobile homes apart. These design principles are the best areas to pay attention to when curating your space.

Functional and Intentional

modern luxury double wide mobile home

Modern luxury prioritizes the value, reliability, and benefit they can gain from an investment. Most high-end designs are done with logical reasoning rather than an emotional rush. For instance, functionality can be incorporated through setting the lights at a certain height, spacing the furniture apart correctly, rearranging the kitchen amenities in a way that streamlines the cooking process, having a built-in wireless charging station on your tabletop, and more.

Comfort Takes Precedence

A key component of a more luxurious home is comfort. This aspect of an upscale home is what makes the space more soothing, therefore giving the feeling of extravagance and complete contentment.

An Assortment of Texture

Texture brings depth into a room, something not all homes can acquire. From sleek marble surfaces to plush rugs, you can incorporate a luxurious feel through multiple sensory experiences.

Focal Points

A luxurious experience brings calm and comfort, not overwhelming chaos. This is the role of focal points within the room, they help guide your eyes to where you need to bring attention to. This can be done by adding a fireplace, a kitchen island, a painting, or a statement piece of furniture.

Incorporation of Nature

Mobile Home Interior-With A Variety of Plants

Nature has proven to be very healthy for us, physically, emotionally, and mentally. This can be done by adding earth-toned elements, a variety of plants, and letting in a lot of natural light. It also works as well when bringing indoor living to the exteriors of your home such as a garden patio. 

Curated Lighting

While the main role of lighting is to enhance visibility, a curated approach to good lighting also helps in creating ambiance, accentuating focal points, and setting the mood. Lighting can greatly help shift the frame of mind once one enters the room as it has a certain amount of control over how relaxed, happy, or energetic one can feel.

Innovative Color Palettes

Similar to lighting, the color of your room can also manipulate your mood. Using this to your advantage can create more intentional spaces. For instance, your office can be colored in a lighter shade to enhance focus and productivity while your bedroom can be calming shades of blue for optimized relaxation.

Sustainable Materials

Most if not all luxury homes utilize sustainable materials in the form of salvaged wood, reclaimed stained glass, cork decors, and so much more. On top of its positive impact on the environment, these materials give a more sophisticated aesthetic coupled with their durability. Moreover, sustainable materials are considered a luxury because they often cost more than synthetic alternatives.

Are Floor Plans for Luxury Double Wide Homes Important?

Are Floor Plans for Luxury Double Wide Homes Important?

Floor plans are important in any space, luxury or not, because they support you, your chosen suppliers, and your developers envision how the space can be utilized. It helps when checking if each space is suitable for its intended purposes and also highlights challenges in design aspects. Not only will floor plans save you time and money, but they can also help you create a more reliable, functional, and well-designed home.

Standard vs Open Floor Plans

As of late, open floor plans have gained popularity in luxury and modern mobile homes alike. These houses have fewer walls between spaces and more multi-functional areas rather than designated rooms. When choosing between the two, it is best to evaluate your priorities and lifestyle.

For instance, open floor plans allow more natural light in most if not all areas. It helps improve the flow of the room and can even make entertaining guests easier as you have a more flexible layout to work with. However, consider the fact that temperature control and privacy may be affected.

Standard or traditional floor plans, on the other hand, give you that privacy and temperature control in exchange for flexibility. They are also often cozier, leave room for customization, and make tidying up easier.

6 Factors Influencing the Cost of Double-Wide Manufactured Homes

Factors Influencing the Cost of Double-Wide Manufactured Homes

Double-wide homes can heavily vary in cost, especially when deciding between a standard or luxury type. Below are factors that influence the total price of your home:


Double-wide homes are typically between 1,500 to 2,300 square feet. The bigger your home, the more it can cost you. This is true not only when you purchase it but also when you decorate and maintain the space.

Design and Amenities

The types of amenities, design, appliances, and fixtures you choose can bring up the cost. Similarly, opting for energy-efficient upgrades may be more expensive upfront but can be more economical in the long run.

Delivery and Setup

The further your land and the more challenging the route to the site is can bring up delivery costs. Moreover, the more customization your home requires when being set up, the more contractors may charge you.

Taxes and Insurance

The types of taxes and insurance required vary per state. The amount will also vary depending on your locality.


Hooking up the essentials comes with a separate fee, which is determined by your location, the contractor you choose, and other factors.

Site Prep

If you are bringing your mobile home to a land you own, you will have to spend on prepping the site such as surveying, leveling, adding a foundation, and more. The cost may be less when setting up in a mobile home community.

Manufacturers to Know – Oak Creek and Clayton Double Wide Homes

When looking for a luxury double-wide home, it is highly recommended to invest in manufacturers that have been in the industry for quite some time and who are also known for their quality handiwork. These builders should not only be efficient and produce durable homes, but they should also be able to provide excellent customer service and after-sales.

Taking all of this into consideration, the top mobile home manufacturers that excel in providing the best luxury double-wide homes are Oak Creek and Clayton Homes.

How Mobile Home Sell Can Help Find Your Dream Double-Wide Home

Finding the best double-wide home in the market is made easier with instant access to a wide range of mobile homes for sale. Here at Mobile Home Sell, we can easily help you find your dream luxury double-wide home or a quality second-hand double-wide home to which you can add a touch of luxury.

We also provide services that help sell your mobile home quickly. Contact us and see how we can help you with your mobile home needs today!

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