Log Cabin Mobile Home Interiors: 6 Theme Decor Ideas

Your mobile home vacation rental doesn’t have to look like any old run of the mill mobile home. Depending on your mobile home’s geographical location, you may wish to go for a log cabin themed look for your interior design.

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This is especially true if your home is in a more rural area or mountainous region. Think about your location and the interests people may have in your part of the world. If the area is a very outdoorsy attraction, then a log cabin theme will fit the bill quite nicely.


Today we have several log cabin ideas for your perusal. Give your home some tasteful character and your vacationers will have a memorable experience.

Put some rustic antiques on display

Of course, there’s nothing like rustic antiques of days gone by. They serve as a whimsical nod to the days gone by.

In a log cabin theme, you open yourself to a variety of antique display options. Vintage irons could hang in your washroom. Old tools could be hung on your mobile home walls. Large chest boxes and gas lamps add another bit of charm to any log cabin look.

We suggest taking a walk through antique stores and seeing what captures your eye. See if you can visualize it in your home. You may find the perfect items at a bargain price.

What’s a log cabin theme without rocking chairs?

To make a mobile home that looks like a cabin, you can use rocking chairs. Rocking chairs appear to be a staple in old-time American historical homes. Looking at vintage photos of homes with porches, you’ll often find these beloved chairs.

For hunters, mothers with children, statesmen, and toddlers – the rocking chair has stood the test of time as an important furniture piece for comfort.

Your mobile home vacation rental will be better for the humble rocking chair.


There’s no doubt that a wreath can really add a bit of charm to any mobile home. With a log cabin themed spin, your doorway will really set the tone for rest of the home. No need for a boring, drab door. Spruce things up a notch with these wreath ideas.

This beautiful wood and burlap natural wreath will fit right in with your mobile home theme. You can change the floral arrangement according to the season. For spring and summer, a nice pop of color would be perfect.

Over at Succulents and Sunshine, you’ll find some instructions for building your very own succulent wreath. Succulents don’t require very much water and can hold their own in a well-moistened wreath.

This is a great wreath idea for your log cabin theme.


What’s a log cabin theme without antlers? Antlers can be incorporated into your decor in a variety of places.

Wine or beer rack? There are antlers for that.

Want a magazine rack? Look around online and you’ll find someone’s made that.

Lamp stands, coffee tables, bookends, and more are often made with deer antlers. There are many ways to integrate them into your mobile home vacation rental decor.

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Weathered inspirational signs

Here’s something you can make yourself or purchase at a department store geared towards home decor.

Nothing fits the rustic laid back decor style of the log cabin look like a rustic sign. The faded, worn look on metal or wood gives your mobile home the accent it needs to pull it all together on the walls.

As a matter of fact, these signs can go just about anywhere. You could set them out on the exterior wall where your porch is built. You can also display them by leaning them inside bookshelves, atop china cabinets, and by hanging them on the wall.

These signs are a great way to subtly leave some words of encouragement for your vacationers.

Tree stump end tables

If you can incorporate wood into your mobile home, your log cabin theme will be going in a good direction. Tree stump end tables will give your mobile home that outdoorsy vibe a log cabin gives off.

Cozy quilts

Quilts aren’t just for keeping warm. They’re a lovely addition to any home, particularly one going for that log cabin theme. You can drape them on rocking chairs, sofas, or recliners. They also make a great cover for any bed.


It doesn’t have to be complicated

Find the pieces for your log cabin themed home by shopping online, visiting second-hand stores and hunting around antique stores. Your tenants will appreciate the extra touch of personality in their mobile home vacation rental.

If you’re still into an outdoorsy look, but think the log cabin vibe is a bit too much, we have some other ideas you may appreciate!

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