Fun Facts About Living In A Double Wide Mobile Home

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Living in a double wide mobile home definitely has its perks – affordability, easy maintenance, and a community lifestyle if you prefer to live in a mobile home park. Besides the commonly known advantages, you may not be aware that there are all sorts of entertaining facts about this housing option. But never fear, you’ve come to the right place. Read on!

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Double wide living can be glamorous

In case you’re one of those people who envision mobile home parks as sub-par communities, we’ve got something for you! You’ll discover that “run-down” and “mobile home park” can’t always be used in the same sentence. Head over to the New York Times for America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park.

Then run by Better Homes and Gardens to discover the home that sparked their No Joke! This Is a Mobile Home. If you gather inspiration from visuals of others’ homes, then this one’s for you.

And while we’re on the topic of inspiring looks, let’s take a look at a double wide whose appearance landed it a spot as “House of the Week” on If mobile homes are too often maligned as dumpy and ugly, here’s a house that will give the lie to that conception.

Even if it’s from the 90’s, there’s still hope

Next up, time to help rid you of your fear that mobile homes always look dated on the inside. Here’s one to renew your faith in the potential of manufactured housing. Check out the 1991 home that profiled.

A remodeled mobile home living room

Photo credit: TODAY

Double wides are an inspiration to celebrities!

Of course, you already know you’re not alone in choosing a manufactured home as a place to lay your head. But let’s introduce you to someone else whose choice of a mobile home might surprise you … Kid Rock!

That’s right! According to Ashley Ecoff on, Kid Rock’s residence of choice is a double wide. In fact, it was the place that inspired him to write his song “Tennessee MountainTop.” Of course, you may not see him in it … the exterior has been painted camouflage!

A camo mobile home may not be your personal preference. However, you’ve got to admit, it definitely takes the cake for unique double-wide exteriors. Let’s allow its external appearance to be an inspiration to the “outdoors-y” among us – that is if you can make it out. It may be too well hidden.

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A double wide can fit a whole bunch of people

And you always thought mobile homes were tiny and cramped! Yet, here comes Kara Zuaro of As a result, it looks like you’re going to have to change your mind about that one, too. Check out her Our Living Room: Before & After and you’ll learn her “…double-wide sleeps 20 (plus room for a few more on the sofa)…”

A remodeled mobile home living room

Photo credit: Brooklyn Double Wide

Perfect for remodeling or adding on to

Does remodeling count as fun? It just might if you’re a DIY-er living in a double wide mobile home. Some of you may get a lot of enjoyment out of doing projects around the house. Thus, we’re sharing some of our prior ideas to inspire you. Time to make the home improvement dreams realities!

Need a place to relax on days that the outdoors is calling you? Since you may not feel like spreading a blanket on the lawn, how about a spot where you could perch a comfy chair? Check out our 5 Front Porch Designs For Double Wide Mobile Homes.

Next, you may be looking for ways to make the place look a little more like other homes in the neighborhood. Dive into this one: Want To Know How To Make A Double Wide Look Like A Stick-Built House? Plus, if you’ve waited long enough, and it’s finally time for a re-do, take a peek at Our Best 2017 Double Wide Remodel Ideas.

More ideas for living in a double wide mobile home…

You’ve now seen how intriguing living in a double wide mobile home can be. Perhaps you’re ready to incorporate some of your newfound inspiration into your own double wide. If so, we’ve got options for you!

Warm up your home’s look for the season with Some Visual Inspiration To Decorate Your Mobile Home For Fall. Or charge into some of those long-overdue repair projects with A List Of Helpful Resources For DIY Mobile Home Repairs.

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