Why A Mobile Home Is A Great Option For Living Alone For The First Time

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Whatever the reason behind living alone for the first time, we’ve got your back. So if you’re a little apprehensive about the future, let’s help you look at the very sunny side of this picture. Or maybe you’re eager to get your own place. A little moral support is always a good thing, no matter where you’re at. This article is for you too.

We believe a mobile home is a great option for living alone for the first time. Actually, it’s not just a great option, it’s an exciting option!

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And here’s why we say that.

Living in a mobile home gives you freedom

You’re given the freedom to chase after your dreams, and the freedom to discover the meaning of life. There’s also freedom to spend more time investing in others and your own personal growth. Having more time in your life to focus on what’s important to you is empowering. Who doesn’t want more freedom?

How does living in a mobile home enable you with more freedom?

Well, you’re not bogged down by…


Time spent on maintenance is a time-killer. Due to size, living in a mobile home cuts back on that. And if you’re living alone for the first time, why would you want to make things more complicated? Don’t let maintenance eat up more time than necessary. The bigger your home, the more maintenance is involved. There’s sweet freedom in simplicity.

It’s not an apartment

An apartment is an alternative housing arrangement for many who live alone. Low maintenance? Sure, but your neighbors are too close for comfort. Where’s freedom in that? No one wants the constant annoyance of neighbors practicing their tap dance moves above your head. And no one wants to be the one causing the disturbance above their neighbor’s head.


It’s small enough and big enough

Moreover, a mobile home is small enough to provide you with the essentials that make up a home without cluttering your time with maintenance. It’s also big enough to give you the time and space to think, grow, and enjoy that freedom we talked about.

No property tax

You’re going to be on your own for the first time, so why put up with property tax when you don’t have to? You can have your very own home without the property tax if you’re in a mobile home park.

Your home, your style

Yes, being a mobile home owner gives you complete control over your abode! It’s important to realize that a mobile home affords you the customizability that an apartment does not. You can have the manufacturer create the look and rooms you want within your budget. And you can do all the improvements and mods you want, when you want, and how you want.

Dreaming of new fixtures? Do it. Thinking a fresh coat of paint will reflect your style better? It’s your call. Do all the home improvements you want. And increase the value of your home in the process!


Hosting small parties

If you’re living alone for the first time, chances are you don’t have the budget for a big party. Hosting in a small living space will keep you from running wild with your guest list, keeping costs down. Smaller parties provide a special atmosphere for guests to connect with one another. No one is spending half the party talking to the pet cat.  

More bang for your buck

Lastly, there’s a lower cost per square foot in a mobile home compared to a traditional home. You can get more for your money and invest in extra rooms or features. A good mobile home manufacturer will provide you with different options as far as quality construction goes.

It’s worth noting that mobile homes are required to meet the minimum HUD code standards. Many manufacturers choose to go the extra mile by meeting Energy Star’s standards. These standards significantly improve energy efficiency in new construction. Energy efficiency not only saves you money, it also improves air quality.

An exciting option for living alone for the first time!

There’s no doubt, living alone for the first time can be a great time of personal growth. A mobile home can afford you the time and space you need to focus on what’s important, making it a great option for your first time living alone. The savings and simplicity that come with this type of home will make a smoother transition into your new life.

How to get started…

Our advice is to take your time and talk to a variety of mobile home manufacturers. We believe a mobile home is a great option, but ultimately that’s your decision. Still sitting on the fence about the whole mobile home idea? Does the mental image of a dilapidated trailer give you the willies? Maybe this showcase of beautiful manufactured homes will chase away the icky stigma.

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