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Having decided that you cannot accept our offer, you may opt to have us list your home out to our buyers.  This is an option that affords you the same quick sale, but may give you a little more profit in the end.  There are both benefits and drawbacks for each party when deciding to go this route.  

Benefits for us:

  1. We do not have money wrapped up in a home for long periods of time
  2. We can take chances on homes we typically wouldn’t decide to take

Drawbacks for us:

  1. We lose money since we are passing this on to you
  2. The process is a bit different and requires us to take a few extra steps (See below)

Benefits for you:

  1. You have the possibility of making a couple thousand dollars more than if we purchased the home
    • Since we don’t have money wrapped up in the home and our risk is greatly reduced we can pass this extra profit on to the homeowner
  2. You can utilize our extensive buyers network 
    • Typically we begin getting offers on homes we list out within 24 hours.  More often than not, we have a signed sales agreement within the same week.

Drawbacks for you:

  1. Your sale is not locked in until you have a signed purchase agreement
    • If you accept our offer we are legally bound to that offer.  If we find that we cannot sell the home we are stuck with it and must pay the lot rent until it sells or we have it moved.  However, by opting to list the home you are taking on this risk for yourself.  If the home does not attract any interested buyers we are not bound to a purchase.  Please keep this in mind if you decide to list with us, rather than accept our offer for purchase.
  2. We may put a lien on your title 
    • Your listing is absolutely free until we sell your home.  At that point, we do take our fee (See below) out of the sales price.  At times, we may have to place a lien on the tile in order to ensure that this payment is received.  Every case is different so please ask one of us if you have questions.


Setting your asking price and our fees

In order for us to list your home to our buyers it is necessary that both parties agree on the asking price, as well as the fee for our service. This fee can vary, based up several factors that will be explained when you request this service. However, it is extremely important that we set our asking price at an acceptable amount for the market we’re in. Because we sell in the wholesale market, we still cannot list a home out with a retail price point.  We will have a discussion with you to decide what you’re willing to accept for your home.  If we believe we can sell the home within your expectations, we will list the home out.  If we do not believe we can sell the home for the expected amount, we will simply inform you that we cannot list the home unless you agree to a lesser amount.

The fee we charge for this service will be taken out of the total accepted sales price.  Please see the illustration below for the best explanation of how this works.

  1. We let you know what we think we can get for the home.
  2. We then subtract our service fee from that number and give you your estimated profit margin.


We believe we can sell a home for $10,000.  We will then negotiate with you on how much of that you will get and how much of that will go towards our fee (Again, this is a variable on a case by case basis).  If accepted, you will know exactly what you will get, well prior to your home selling.  There will be no surprises, as your minimum profit will be set in the contract.  All offers under the agreed price will be passed on to you for your consideration.

icon2 2  Getting Offers                             

Providing we have listed the home out at the appropriate price point, we would expect to receive offers within the first 24 to 48 hours of listing the home.  If an offer is made that satisfies the contract we will accept the offer without giving prior notice to the homeowner.  At this point, we will then contact you and we will then purchase the home for the agreed upon sales price that is written in the listing contract.  A purchase agreement will be signed by both parties.

By purchasing the home ourselves it allows us to deal directly with the new buyer.  It’s very important to us that the sale of the home goes smoothly from start to finish, and this is the only way to ensure this happens.   

Upon purchasing the home, we will make all the arrangements with you for a proper closing on the home, where the balance will be paid in full in exchange for the clean title and keys.  (For more information on the process after the purchase, click here.)

****If the home is on your private property, we will then begin making arrangements for its proper removal. 

icon1 3  Negotiating on your behalf

When listing your home with us we do all the negotiating for you.  If offers begin to pour in under your acceptable sales price we will make every effort to negotiate a price in your favor.  If the buyer refuses to budge, and there are no other offers on the table, we will present their offer to you for your consideration.  If you decline, we continue our buyer search.  

We will make every effort to complete a sales agreement without a buyer needing to come to your home.  However, there will be times where they will request a walkthrough of the home prior to making a hard offer.  In the event that this happens, you are welcome to direct them back to us if they attempt to negotiate on site.  By taking extensive photos that show, not only the highlights of the home, but also the problem areas, as well as providing good detail in the home’s writeup, it will really help with limiting the requests for a personal showing.  

icon3 2  Closing On Your Home

At the time you sign the purchase agreement we will agree to a closing date.  When this date approaches you will receive contact from your US Mobile Home Pros rep confirming the closing.  Upon a successful closing, we will then close with the new buyers and preparations for the home’s removal will begin.  This can typically be accomplished within 45 days of the accepted offer.  

If the home is located within a park, all lot rent will be paid by the new buyer until it is removed.  Several factors go into a moving date, including weather, movers schedules, obtaining the proper permits, etc…  There is never a guarantee when estimating dates of removal, but we can give you a pretty good idea.


Listing your home with US Mobile Home Pros is much different than listing with a typical site, where your home can sit for months, if not years, without a single offer.  We make sure to list homes with an asking price we know will generate offers.  In fact, if we can’t come to an agreement with you for an appropriate listing price, we won’t agree to list it at all.  If this is the case, we can provide you with alternative options that may work better for your situation.


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