A List Of Fun Hobbies For Mobile Home Owners To Try This Year

by Feb 4, 2019

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Hobbies can offer hours of pleasant and productive entertainment. And with so many different ones to choose from, people can fit hobbies with their own preferences, gifts, and abilities. Whatever your situation, let’s dive into a list of fun hobbies. You might just walk away with a new favorite free-time activity.

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Which one should I choose?

Maybe you have a hobby already and are looking for a new activity to add to your repertoire. Or you might be someone who finally has a little extra time on your hands so you’re looking for your first hobby. Either way, there’s a myriad of hobbies you could choose from. Some may grab you while others may not hold any appeal. Moreover, keep in mind you could choose more than just one from our list of fun hobbies.

Work with your hands

Looking for something to keep your hands busy while you watch your favorite movie or go for a long drive? Check out these activities involving fibers:

  • Crocheting – Here’s a great way to enjoy a calm activity and create an article of clothing, a decor item, or a cozy blanket. Check out this guide to help you get started crocheting.
  • Knitting – People confuse this with crocheting, but it is a different craft. For one thing, you’ll be using two needles instead of one.
  • Cross stitching – Here’s another type of handiwork you might love trying – especially if you like using a needle and thread.
  • Latch-hooking – Are you a fan of paint-by-numbers where you get to fill in each spot with the designated color? Then, you might enjoy completing a latch hook kit. There’s no paint involved, instead, you get to use small pieces of yarn to complete a larger picture.

Work in the dirt

Activities inside the house can be great, but what about those glorious, sunny days when the outdoors are calling you? Here are some hobbies you could enjoy in the great outdoors.

Bring in some dough

There might be some hobbies you could monetize, too. Once you find something you truly enjoy doing, why not try to make some cash on it?

  • Sell your creations on Etsy – Lost on what to sell? Check out The Work at Home Wife’s Top Ten Ways to Make Money on Etsy.
  • Write that book you’ve always dreamed of – Maybe it’s a thrilling spy novel or a memoir of your experiences as an emergency room nurse. Why not get started on it? You can pitch it to a publisher or self-publish it as an e-book.

Work with wood

Does wood hold a special appeal to you? If you just love working with this material, here are some ideas.

A wooden zebra toy

Get up & active

Maybe it’s time to get your blood flowing, adrenaline pumping, and heart pounding. If you’re looking for outdoor activities that will get you moving, you could:

  • Join a hiking group.
  • Join a bicycling club.
  • Give kayaking a try – You might even get the urge to take on whitewater rafting after you get a taste for being on the water.
  • Join a community sports league.

More things to do in the great outdoors

Can’t get enough of being outside? Here are some more activities for the outdoorsy among us.

  • Birdwatching – If you love birds, why not take that interest to the next level with birding?
  • Go fishing.
  • Take a hunter’s safety class then go hunting.
  • Find a disc golf course near you.
  • Take up golfing with friends.
  • Go 4-wheeling.
  • Snow skiing – Live near snowy mountains? Maybe it’s time you hit the slopes!
  • Water skiing – Not the slopes this time, but the water of a nearby lake, perhaps.

In the kitchen

If your location or situation keeps you from heading outside for your hobby, here are some options to think about inside the house (specifically, inside the kitchen):

  • Bake – Who doesn’t love homemade bread dripping with butter? Of course, chocolate chip cookies are also a favorite.
  • Learn to cook new things – Whether it’s a different culture’s food or a favorite restaurant knock-off recipe, try something new!
  • Perfect some recipes to enter in your county fair.

Continuing education

You may be out of school, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t keep on learning. Up next in our list of fun hobbies – try out something new this year.

  • Learn to make pottery.
  • Learn a second language and find an opportunity to practice in a group setting.
  • Take up an instrument.
  • Get voice lessons.
  • Take a public speaking class.

With other people

When you’re looking for something to do, but you don’t want to do it alone, get other people in on the action.

Two bowls of tomato soup

  • Join a book club.
  • Host a cookie exchange.
  • Have a group soup night.
  • Host a weekly meeting to discuss current events over coffee and cookies.

Need more than this list of fun hobbies?

If we didn’t quite nail your interests, keep looking until you come up with something. Check your local library’s community bulletin board for local events or groups that are meeting. Additionally, your local parks and recreation agency could be another source of ideas. Some may even publish a newsletter or magazine letting you know what events and resources are available in the community.

Your home as your hobby

What if you love remodeling, cleaning, tidying, or just generally fixing up? Then your mobile home might just become your hobby! Of course, you can still pick other activities from our list of fun hobbies. But, remodeling or repairing your mobile home could become a hobby all its own.

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