6 Hacks To Achieve An Industrial Look In Your Mobile Home

Oct 15, 2019Blog, Decorating, Remodeling

The industrial look is still in, and it’s a great look for your mobile home! If you’re interested in this stately look, we’ve got a few easy ways for you to hack the industrial trend. After all, fall is a good time for a new look – especially if your mobile home is feeling a bit drab these days.

So, what better time to get mobile home hacks for an industrial look?

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#1: Color scheme

The first mobile home hack to get an industrial look is picking the right color scheme. A base color scheme is a good way to start bringing your theme together. Neutral colors are essential for an industrial look. Specifically, black, gray, brown, and white are the colors you’ll want to emphasize. For example, the colors in this home provide an excellent guideline: 

This site provides a color palette for the industrial theme as well. Ranging from white to dark gray, these colors may not look like enough to work with, but they’ll create a stunning design if you use them correctly. 

#2: Lighting

While plenty of natural light is always good, the industrial look favors unique lighting options as well. A typical industrial home will have several sources of light, usually from creative light fixtures. For example, these industrial pendants are a great way to “industrialize” your kitchen or dining room: 

If you’re going for something more rustic, these interesting rope lights are a new take on your lighting situation. They would probably work best in a living room. 

Finally, who could say no to a decorative desk lamp? Add one to complete this mobile home hack.

#3: Space

Industrial homes are neither minimalist or cluttered. They’re somewhere in between. With that in mind, you’ll need to think about how you’re utilizing the space in your mobile home. If it feels too cluttered, it might be time to throw out some old decor. On the other hand, if everything looks stark and minimalist, fill in the blank spaces with industrial decor! Trust us, you’ll know when it looks just right. 

#4: Furniture

Another great mobile home hack is picking the right kind of furniture. Most industrial styles tend towards certain types of furniture. In industrial living rooms, for example, a large sofa in a neutral tone is a common fixture.

Straight lines are usually emphasized in industrial designs, and the furniture is no exception to this rule. Chairs and tables tend to be minimalist in their design, like what’s shown here. 

Wood and metal are some of the most common materials to make their way into this look. Wooden tables, metal chairs, and rustic wooden end tables are all great examples of the central part wood and metal play in industrial furnishings.

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#5: Walls & flooring

Oftentimes, the walls of an industrial home take on a separate look from the rest of the house – they’re made of red-and-brown brick or austere concrete. 

Meanwhile, popular choices for flooring with this mobile room hack are wood or concrete.

#6: Decor

One of the most important aspects of getting a look just right is the decor. So, what does this look like for an industrial home? While furniture and light fixtures make up quite a bit of the decor for this theme, smaller items definitely have a place in the design as well. 

Throw pillows and blankets

A few pillows for your large, comfy sofa are a good mobile home hack idea for an industrial look – usually, you should select pillows in neutral colors, in keeping with your neutral color palette. The same goes for that one cozy blanket you like to have around for your unexpected naps on the couch. 

Turn everyday items into decorations

Need a place to store your pots and pans or other kitchen utensils? In an industrial home, there’s nothing wrong with displaying them out in the open – on a wall rack, for example. It helps achieve a balance between a “bustling” atmosphere and a welcoming one, something that nearly all industrial homes embody. 

Use mirrors! 

We can’t emphasize this enough – use mirrors throughout your industrial design! Honestly, you really can’t go wrong here – you can choose round, square, or rectangle mirrors. Each one fits right into the industrial theme. 

Other decor items

Finally, you can use other decor like picture frames, clocks, and other wall hangings in your industrial mobile home. Our hope is that your walls end up looking as gorgeous as this one: 

Bring it all together

Now that you know the main elements of industrial home design, why not bring it all together in your own mobile home? Fall is a great time to stay comfy, and this style invites some cozy elegance into your home. You won’t have to sacrifice your comfort for style this year! 

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