Want To Escape The Cold? 4 Ideal Locations For Your Mobile Home

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With fall leaves landing on our lawns, doorsteps, and roofs, we’re aware that summer is past. In fact, it’s almost time for winter to present itself. Maybe downy snow, mugs of hot chocolate, and white-frosted evergreens are floating in your imagination. Conversely, perhaps the approach of winter elicits thoughts of iced windshields on work mornings, slick sidewalks, monstrous electric bills, and frigid blasts of wind.

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Cold isn’t for everyone

Let’s face it, not everyone loves winter. In fact, some downright dislike it. Fortunately, those who could do without a winter-y winter aren’t doomed. If you live in a mobile home (or want to), but would like to escape the cold of the winter season, today’s article is for you.

What you do and don’t like

Let’s assume you’re here because winter cold isn’t up your alley. Even if dislike of cold unifies people reading this article, there will still be differences of opinion about the very best place to plant your mobile home. People’s “ideal locations” will differ. If heat doesn’t faze you, maybe you’re dying for a warm and humid locale. Yet, if you can stand heat but despise humidity, you might just need a different place to land.

Another thing to keep in mind before you make your move

Before we get to what you’re really waiting for, remember if you’ve already purchased your mobile home, then make sure it meets the zoning requirements of any area you’re considering. If you haven’t bought your home, then we recommend you look for distributors who work in the location of your choosing. Their homes will be manufactured to meet the local requirements. Now, let’s dive in.

A temperate climate (and how does no state income tax sound?)

So we’ve already settled that you don’t want never-ending snow or constant frigid temperatures. You’re looking for a temperate climate. Plus, maybe you could go for a reasonable amount of rain so you can have some opportunities to stay inside, make soup, and feel cozy without having to endure harsh winters. With warm summers and generally mild winters, we’re going to suggest you add Memphis, Tennessee to your list of possibilities.

Rain droplets on glass window

On top of a climate that’s not prone to extremes, Tennessee boasts no state income tax, as Tennesseans will probably be proud to inform you.

Heading west

For your next option, we’ll draw inspiration from the famous words sometimes attributed to American newspaperman, Horace Greeley: “Go west, young man…” Your journey to the west coast will doubtless look very different from the pilgrimages of Greeley’s time. Yet, we’re still going to suggest that a move in that direction could satisfy your desire to escape the cold.

Plus, this location gives you the chance to head to a bustling city – a plus for those who want to move to a highly-populated area. Los Angeles, California offers the potential of nearly rain-free summers if you’re also looking to shed the rainboots and umbrellas.

Basking in the warmth

Next, let’s say you’re not just looking to escape the cold, but also to embrace the warmth. And you don’t just want balmy days, you’d actually welcome some hot ones. Enter Phoenix, Arizona. With daytime summer temperatures that are a step up from those offered by Los Angeles, Phoenix might just be the place where you choose to settle down.

Pleasant winter temperatures & a touch of irony

Of course, if you want to get out of the cold, you can always move south. You’re headed for warm summers mixed with pleasant winter temperatures. But are you ready to be constantly reminded of the season whose stereotypical cold temperatures you’re trying to escape? If you make the move to Winter Springs, Fl, just be sure you’re up for the irony of living in a place with the name “Winter.”

Frosted leaf on a branch

How to choose?

Now that you know some of your options, consider making a list of what your favorite environment would be. Do you want to live in a busy area or are you looking for peace and quiet? Would you be happy with a place that’s warm in the daytime but gets cooler at night? Identifying your preferences and priorities may help you decide where you do and don’t want to live.

Feeling charged up about escaping the winter chill? If you’ve decided to take the plunge and put down roots somewhere else, check out How To Move A Mobile Home Safely, Quickly & Legally. And for those of you who are moving into a park in your ideal location, brush up on 5 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Into A Mobile Home Park.

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