How to sell a 2003 mobile home

How to sell a 2003 mobile home

Selling a 2003 mobile home isn’t going to be easy. As a matter of fact, selling any mobile home isn’t going t be easy. However, it may not be the reason you are thinking. People do desire to live in mobile homes. After all, there are parks all over the place, so this can’t be the reason you’re having a difficult time selling. The reason you’re having a hard time selling is because there ARE parks all over the place. There are so many mobile homes for sale that you’re simply getting lost in the shuffle. Although a 2003 mobile home is a desired home, yours isn’t the only one on the market. So what can you do to make sure you’re noticed?

We, for starters, make sure that you market the home extremely well. Word of mouth isn’t going to do it these days. One upon a time, word of mouth was the quickest way to spread news. You could tell one person and then they would tell two people and then those people would tell two people each. Before you knew it twenty people knew it. Nowadays, I can post something to Facebook and twenty people know it before I hit enter. We just live in a much faster world these days. If you want to keep up with your, 2003 mobile home competitors, you’re going to have to do as they do; post a lot on the Internet. We can sell a 2003 mobile home within a week, but there are several reasons for this.

First, we have been building our buyers pool for well over ten years. But second, we price the home to sell. We know that we will never get the money for a 2003 that we would for a 2010, so we don’t even try. We price the home for a fair sales price and then negotiate from there. Make sure that you’re not trying to get too much out of a home that’s nearly 10 years old.

That being said, if you are interested in selling your home quickly, we are interested in speaking with you. We are currently in need of 2003 mobile homes for our buyers. Simply input your information to the upper right of this page and we will send you an instant offer to your email.

Find out what your 2003 mobile home is worth, today!


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