How to sell a 1988 mobile home

I want to sell my 1988 mobile home

Do you have a 1988 mobile home for sale?  Are you having a hard time selling it and or just need to know how much it is worth?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve been buying and selling mobile homes for over 10 years and have a combined 25 years of experience in the industry. We know mobile homes and how to get them sold.

There are a couple of things that need to be addressed when you’re selling your home.  First, you need to determine an order of importance, beforehand.  This means, you need to figure out what means the most to you, the sale or the money?

If you are focused on money, you’re going to want to find a private buyer who plans on living in the home.  Of course, this is harder than it seems.  You not only need to find someone who is willing to pay your sales price, you also must find a buyer who is approved by park management.  This can be exhausting, I know.  We used to sell our homes on notes, so we had to go through the same process every time we bought a home.  It could take months for us to find a buyer who was willing to pay our asking price, only to be denied by the park, during the application process. However, this is the price you must pay in order to get the money you want.  Meanwhile, you are paying lot rent, which is eating away at the profit you desire.

The problems with the above approach many, but what does this have to do with setting your purchase price?   Well, why would somebody pay you for your 1988 mobile home when they can get a much newer home for the same price?   A 1988, in the world of mobile homes and manufactured homes is not as new as one might think.  Because the depreciate so fast, mobile homes become harder and harder to sell with every passing year.  This is not because they aren’t good homes, but because sellers are trying to sell them for the same price as a mobile home that is 10 years newer.

Now, if you feel the sale is more important than the money, you will have no problem selling your mobile home.  A 1988 mobile home is still desired amongst buyers. But there are a lot out there and still don’t sell easily on the private market.  This is where brokers, like us, come in.  We frequently buy mobile homes and pay cash when doing so.  No banks are needed and no applications to parks must be completed.  We can buy a home the same day we view it, and often do.   However, since we purchase homes to resell, we must make a profit, and therefore, cannot pay as much as a private buyer.

So, regardless of where you are in the sales process, there are things you will need to sacrifice when selling a 1988 mobile home.  If you want the money, you will sacrifice time and frustration (and ironically, money from lost lot rents or payments)  If the sale is your desire, you will inevitably sacrifice profit.

If you would like to find out what we are willing to offer you for your 1988 mobile home, we encourage you to use our free estimator located to the right of this article.  You will be emailed an instant offer that can be finalized upon a viewing of the home.  Please be sure to check your email immediately following the submission of the form.



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