How To Pick The Best Flooring For Your Mobile Home

Putting new floors in your mobile home may be a very appealing idea, especially if your own floors are in pretty sad shape. If, for instance, you’re dealing with stained, snagged linoleum, the idea of re-flooring may be a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps your carpet seems to be in a permanently smelly, soiled state. And even your efforts to clean it up don’t pay off the way you’d like.

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You can’t wait for the day when running a mop over the floor reveals a fresh, clean surface. In short, you’re looking forward to having a floor that doesn’t still look unappealing after a thorough cleaning. It’s time to take matters in your own hands and make a change.

Identify your likes and dislikes

What is the single best floor for a mobile home? Of course, this is a tricky question, and we won’t be able to give you a simple answer.

First off, consider that “best” is subjective. Suppose you think that the “best floor ever” is the one that’s easiest to clean. On the other hand, somebody else’s idea of an ideal floor is one that looks like real tile but doesn’t freeze their feet on cold mornings.  Thus, your own priorities and preferences will inform what you think is the best kind of floor for your home.

List what you’re looking for

Take a moment to list what qualities your ideal floor should have. For example, you could select some priorities from the list below:

  • Easy to clean
  • Isn’t very cold to the touch when the temperature is cold
  • Easy to install
  • Won’t harbor pet dander
  • Good for little children to play on

Obviously, the list could go on. However, use this as a jumping off point for your own priorities.

Jot down your inspiration

If you remember a home you’ve been in that exemplified your ideal floor look, now’s the time to put that memory to use. Note what kind and color floor it was, and ask yourself what made it so appealing. Was it the way it complemented wall color, perhaps?

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Search the internet for looks you like

Take a quick spin around the internet for inspiration. Look at flooring options in pictures of homes, and note what really sticks out to you.

Know your budget

Next up, clarify how much you can afford to spend to re-floor your mobile home. Perhaps you’ll find it useful to specify a range – with the low end being the absolute least you think it would cost. Of course, the high end would be the maximum you’re willing to spend.

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Compare as you go

Let’s say you know you can’t go over your budget. So, as you plug away with the re-flooring, take time to see how you’re measuring up. Before you make a major purchase, check out how much of your budget it will “eat up.” Will you have enough left to complete the project? In short, keep tabs on yourself and your spending as you go.

Options, options, options

The good news about floors is that you have options. Of course, this is also the bad news about the project because sometimes decision-making is hard.


Once you’ve identified what you do and don’t like, you may still be left with options. At this point, you could always take a little time to learn a little more about the remaining flooring types. Searching the internet for pros and cons is one option.

Ask others how they like the floors they have

Additionally, you can look for info by word-of-mouth. For example, if you know others who’ve installed hardwood, ask how they like it. Would they do it over again? Leverage your friends’ first-hand knowledge of options you’re considering.

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Something to get you started

If you’re searching for a little more info about some of the flooring options out there, take a look at the list of articles below. First, though, check out the answer on to this question, “What types of floors do you recommend for Mobile homes?”

Bonus: remember rugs

If you’re torn between carpet and a solid-surface floor, just keep in mind that you could put an area rug over hardwood, linoleum, etc. You may find this is a good compromise.

Whatever flooring you go for in your new mobile home, take time to research your purchasing options. See if you can land a better deal by purchasing online and having it shipped. Additionally, you may even find good prices at discount stores in your area. If you’re new to flooring, take a look at our Mobile Home Floor Replacement With Step-By-Step Instructions.

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