How To Move A Mobile Home For Free (Plus Budget-Friendly Moving Tips)

It’s time to pick up and move on. There are many reasons you may have decided to move. Now, you’re wondering how to move a mobile home for free. Can that even be done?

Maybe you want to find a place where the cost of living is lower. Or perhaps you just want to be closer to your family. Also, a getting a new job could have precipitated your move. Likewise, you could be out of a job, but you’ve heard the job market is better elsewhere.

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Or maybe you’ve just always had a sort of incurable wanderlust. A feeling that impels you to pull stakes every so often and search for greener pastures. As a result of your new master bedroom remodel, you’re itching for a new view to greet you every morning when you hop out of bed. Maybe you can’t explain why – you just want a different landscape.

Money is an object

You’ve heard this line in movies – “Money is no object.” It can be used by the uber-wealthy to mean something like, “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter how much it costs.” Except, you know in your own life, it does matter how much it costs.

Regardless of what millionaires in movies say, you know you’ve got to keep your moving budget realistic. You’d love to pick up that mobile home and set it down in a fresh place. But, you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting by in your bank account just waiting for you.

What if it was free?

Move my mobile home for free? Is it even possible? It’s a great question, and it may not even have crossed your mind until you saw this article. Nevertheless, if you’ve been putting off moving because you simply don’t have the cash to pay a mover, listen up. We’ve got great news.

Yes, it is possible. We’re about to share with you how to move a mobile home for free. Plus, it’s not even rocket science.

How to move a mobile home for free

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You’ve probably never thought about life from the mobile home park’s perspective before. And why would you? You’re busy living your life in your mobile home. Until now, the mobile home park has just been part of the environment, the neighborhood you liked enough to move into.

To move a mobile home for free, you need to find mobile home parks which are willing to let you in for free.

Generally, it stands to reason you’ve never been the person who is trying to fill up openings in a mobile home park. But suppose you were responsible for getting new mobile homes to fill up empty slots. You might have to give people some incentives to choose your park. For example, you might even offer to move them into your park for free.

That, friends, is how we get you to what you’ve been waiting for: how to move a mobile home for free. Drum roll, please…

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It’s about where you go

Now that you’re sold on hearing how to move a mobile home for free, let us tell you our simple trick. Choose your location carefully. You need to find a mobile home park that wants you and your mobile home. Plus, they don’t just need to want you. They need to want you badly enough to offer to move your mobile home free of charge.

Does this mean there’s only one place in the entire country for you to move to? Nope. In fact, to get you started, we’ve snagged three different companies offering to move you for free.

Where will your travels take you?

  • Heading to Texas? Start your research here. Additionally, check out Bit-O-Heaven’s offer.
  • However, maybe you’ve got your sights set somewhere else. Don’t give up. Take a look at what Treasure Park Homes could provide.

Keep your other expenses low

Now that you know how to move a mobile home for free, let’s explore a couple other budget-friendly moving tips.

piles of packaging boxes

  • Snag used packing boxes. Best-case scenario, you may be able to get these free. Get some second-hand boxes by searching online. Others in your neighborhood may be getting rid of their cardboard after a recent move. Or, ask at a local grocery store or home improvement store if they have any to get rid of.
  • Do the packing yourself. Pack your household belongings and stow them into a rental moving van. Don’t hire someone to do this. Instead, ask some friends for help, so you can get an entire team together.
  • Drive the moving truck yourself. Okay, just to be clear, we’re not talking about the truck that’s moving your mobile home. You just learned how to move a mobile home for free, so you’re leaving that to the professionals. What you can do, though, (and we’re arguing you may want to) is forgo hiring a moving company. You don’t need someone else to provide and drive the truck containing your belongings.

Pick it up and make your move!

Now that you know how to move a mobile home for free, check out 5 Things You Need to Do Before Moving Into a Mobile Home Park.


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