How to Get a Permit to Move a Mobile Home [Step by Step]

Today, many people do not like to be tied to one location and would like to move around but in the comfort of their own homes; therefore, there are mobile homes. You must have already understood by the word mobile that the house is movable, and since you are here, we assume that you either own one or are planning to get one and want to know how to change its location. 

But what do you do when you want to move them? Well, there are ways you can do it, and there are also tips, tricks, and laws that must be followed to move your mobile home. You will have to get a permit. But how do you get one?

Without a permit, you might unknowingly commit a crime you might have to pay for, which is not what anyone would want to do. So if you are someone who is looking for a way to get permission to move your mobile home, you are on the right page. Read our expert guide here to find out more. 

How To Get a Permit to Move a Mobile Home?

To relocate a mobile home legally, you must take care of a few factors. You cannot do anything without a little preparation and documentation. So we will start by understanding what you need, how much it will cost, and all the other details related to moving a mobile home and getting a permit. 

What Do You Need To Get a Permit To Move Your Mobile Home?

  • Address and name of the mobile house. 
  • When it was built or bought.
  • Place where the mobile home is being shifted. 
  • Documented details of the house, such as the size, model number, serial number, etc. 
  • Tax-related information, whether your mobile home has any due taxes or how much the tax rate is in the location you are moving to. 
  • Contact your local DMV.
  • Obtain your existing certificate of title. 
  • Check for code validity.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Mobile House?

The cost of moving your mobile house will depend on your house’s size, location, the location it is being shifted to, etc. The price can go up to thousands, so make sure you have enough in the bank. However, moving to a mobile house is cheaper than buying a home with a fixed location. You can estimate the cost of moving your house somewhere around $1,000 to $20,000. 

The cost of moving your mobile home will also depend on how far you’re going and how heavy your vehicle is; the shorter the distance, the lesser the amount, and the lighter the house, the lesser the amount. Also, when you move through territories, you might have to get a permit for each territory you pass through.

Many mobile home users have many connections through the water or electricity lines, which need to be cut when moving to another place. And if you are hiring a company to help you move to a new place, The moving company will charge you a little extra to get rid of all the connections in that area.

Checking for insurance is one way to reduce relocating your mobile home costs. If you have mobile home insurance, there are chances that it also covers the relocation of your mobile home.

As we mentioned earlier in what, all you will need to do is get a permit to move your house; one thing you can start with is contacting your DMV. They will help you with plenty of information that could be shocking while moving to a mobile home. 

Also, you must ensure no money is due on your mobile home. Whether you have some debt left to pay or some tax issues, make sure you pay them off as soon as possible before applying for a permit to move your mobile house. 

Wherever you go, each state will expect you to have accurate documents of your mobile home so that they know how to handle the situation and do not consider your mobile home as some intruder who could be dangerous to the neighborhood. 

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Check For HUD Code Validity

The code of a mobile home tells how old the mobile home is, which is one of the aspects which will decide whether you will get a permit or not. You will likely get the permit to move your house even if it is 45 years old because the HUD code for houses was generated in 1976. If the homes are older than 1976, it is unlikely that you will get a permit to move your house because it might not be built well as per today’s facilities and house structure. 

As we said, you can move your house, even if it is 45 years old. However, this rule might be specifically applicable to the USA, but wherever you move in the world with your mobile house, there will be some limit on how old your home can be and how far it can be shifted.

If your house is relatively new, you have fewer reasons to worry about it. However, if there are any structural damages or functional damages, there are chances that your permit will be denied.

Inform Authorities and Hire a Mover

Before you move to any new place with your mobile house, you must make sure the authorities are well known about this fact, and you need to contact the Building Commissioner of the town that you’re moving to so that they take care of the building codes and zonal issues. Also, they will help you with all the information that you need.

If you’re moving your house, you will obviously be unable to do it alone, and you will have to hire somebody else. So this is where the moving company comes into play. You might want to hire a good-trusted moving company that comes into your budget. As we mentioned earlier, the cost of moving your mobile house can go up to thousands of dollars.

And now the circle goes around; most moving companies do not accept your moving proposal until you have a permit.

Check With Your Mobile Home Park Manager

When you reside in a mobile home, you likely park your mobile home at a place and usually rent it. So, if you are moving to another location, you would want to inform your mobile home park manager that you will be moving from one place to another and notify the mobile home park manager of the place you’re moving to. Also, check if you have any rents due so that all things are clear and you get the best possibility of getting a permit to move your mobile home.

What Mistakes To Avoid While Moving a Mobile Home?

When you’re working on a new project, you are always likely to make mistakes, which is mostly not favourable. So the same applies to moving your mobile home. There are plenty of mistakes that people make while moving their mobile homes. And here are a few that you might not want to make if you want an easy move.

Get All Types of Permits

Before moving your house, make sure you have all types of permits. Call your local permit office, and check if you have all the permits, such as electrical, plumbing, gas connection, etc.

Hire the Best Movers in Your Budget

Also, make sure you select the best moving company. You might check reviews online or ask people who have moved their houses before.

Know About the Neighborhood 

When you move into a new city or state, you would want to know about the laws, taxes, and all of the other things that might be useful for your shift.

Connect Your Utilities

Finally, when you have moved to a new location, ensure all the utilities are properly connected so that you do not get into any hazardous situations.

All Set For The Move?

Here, we looked at everything you need to gather before applying for a permit. You might want to collect all your documents, cost, etc. 

You will have to inform the authorities about your move, such as the mobile home park manager, local permit office, moving company, etc., and make sure you have no due rents or taxes that might come in your way of getting a permit to move a mobile home. 

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