How To Expand A Mobile Home Safely & Cost-Effectively

Mobile homes are becoming more popular on the home market these days. They are more affordable and easier to manage. However, space can be limited or sometimes you want a few add-ons.

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We’re to help you learn how to expand a mobile home safely and cost-effectively.

Consider this huge benefit

Fortunately, having a mobile home allows for add-ons at a more affordable rate. In other words, you control the add-ons based on how much you can afford. If you had a stick-built house, add-ons would take a longer time. And more time means more money added to the expense.

In other words, you won’t incur as much debt.

What would you like to add-on or expand?

Of course, there are many things that you can add-on to your mobile home. Expanding the space is obviously a nice addition. However, be sure to carefully think through what you’d like to do.

Having an idea and making a plan will make for a smooth process.

Planning doesn’t only include the add-ons

When it comes to planning for what or how you’d like to expand, you must consider the engineering and the phases. More importantly, code and park requirements must be met, especially if you’re not on your own private land. Ask yourself about the value of your mobile home with and without the add-ons.

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Keep in mind that any damages will likely affect the value of your mobile home.

Add-ons to consider

As you probably know by now, there are tons of different things you can add on to your mobile home. Some add-ons may require special considerations. Some may take a few months, while others may take a few weekends. Again, take time to plan and be knowledgeable about your mobile home expansion project(s).

How to expand a mobile home with a roof-over

If your roof is beginning to fall apart or needs a makeover, a roof-over is what you need.

It’s not a process of removing and replacing your roof, which saves you some big bucks. As a matter of fact, there’s little to no material removed!

A roof-over basically means placing a roof on top of the existing roof. Since flat roofs are getting less popular, a roof-over gives you a chance for a new color, material, or even shape!

Flat roofs are not efficient due to the absence of a gutter for water. Eventually, the water that runs off creates damage – another thing that will require more money. A roof-over will at least create a longer life-span, even if you’re not interested in changing the color.

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Solid exterior doors, windows, and insulation

Yes, this idea may seem like it’s not going to make an impressionable difference. However, remember to think beyond the looks and more of the effectiveness. Plus, these additions won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

In general, doors and windows are subject to warping. Causes stem from heat exposure and weather changes. Sometimes, the frames of both the doors and windows may have gaps or breaks. If these aren’t replaced or fixed, your utility bills could be affected or locks may bypass.

Wide window in rectangular frame in living room

Investing in solid exterior doors and windows helps with longer durability and less warping. Make sure that both are properly pinned in the hinges and get insulation in place. Locks for security should also be secured in place.

Don’t worry – you can very well paint your solid, exterior doors and window frames for a noticeable change.

Front porch

This is definitely a project that will take up more money and a few weekends. Despite the length of time, the end product is quite pleasing.

Being indoors all day can drive some of us up the wall. Having a front porch gives you outdoor time in the comfort of your home environment. You could choose to have an open air front porch, a roofed front porch, or a front porch with a screen enclosure.

It all depends on how much you can afford or would like to spend. Check out ideas online or talk to designers and builders.

The important thing here is to research and use available sources, especially when it comes to building the porch. Be sure that the porch is built with a structure that runs deep in the ground to avoid movement. Before you begin, check with your local building department to make sure you get proper licensing. And don’t forget that the structure must support itself to maintain HUD compliance.

Implement ideas into research, connect, and begin!

Although saving money may be one of the priorities for expanding your mobile home, make sure saving money leads to effectiveness. Don’t jeopardize safety just because you’re saving a ton of money. You may end up spending more money if the “cheap” product leads to damages instead. Always check with experts to make sure you don’t end up ruining your home.

And, if you need remodeling ideas that are cheap for your mobile home, we’ve got some great tips for you as well!

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