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by Dec 22, 2017

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‘Tis the season to be jolly with gatherings and parties all around! Festive decorations are hanging up in shopping malls and offices. Christmas carols are played on the radio or sung by jolly carolers. And there’s the hustle and bustle of shoppers decorating their homes and buying gifts. All these are happy reminders that Christmas is coming. And with it, a time of celebrating with friends and loved ones. But the pressure of how to be a good hostess in a snuggly mobile home can make the anticipation of Christmas less joyful. Don’t stress! We’ve laid out a relaxed approach that will carry you all the way through your party. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

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Will it be casual cocktail?

Determine what kind of party you will be hosting, whether a sit-down dinner or a casual cocktail party. Buffets keep dinner parties easy and simple: dishes can be kept warm in the oven and taken out quickly for your guests to enjoy. Cocktail parties can be quite stress-free as well! Keeping your pantry well stocked and preparing hors d’oeuvres ahead of time keeps your prep time to a couple hours on the day of your party.

An option that keeps both a dinner and cocktail party less stressful is making it a potluck, where your guests can bring a dish to share. As a host, you have the advantage of asking your guests to bring either the appetizers, salads, desserts, or the main dishes. However, letting guests bring a dish of their preference keeps it merry as well!

Your guest list and invitations

Keep the number comfortable

After you’ve decided what kind of party you’re going to host, the more exciting steps begin! Determine the date, time, guest list, and menu. Hosting a party in a mobile home is one of the snuggliest and coziest, but it does affect the number of guests you can invite. Too many guests may require a bigger venue. Give yourself a maximum number of guests, we recommend no more than eight adults if it’s a sit-down dinner or ten for a casual cocktail. You want to make sure that your guests are having fun and feeling comfortably nestled in your cozy abode.

Artsy-craftsy invitations

Once you’ve put together your list, you can decide whether you’d like to mail your invitations or go paperless via email or text. The traditional way of giving your guests a phone call is not only personal but less stressful, too. For invitations, there are websites that offer free templates online for you to use. You can choose to print your invitations once they’re made, or you can email or text for a low to no-cost per invitation.


Many hostesses enjoy making their own artsy, handmade invitations and mailing them, but there are also quite a few techy artists who enjoy designing them and posting them via social media to their private group of guests. The variety is endless but fun. Inserting a festive image of a mobile home on your invitation not only makes it cute but gives your guests awareness that it will be a smaller-sized venue. Planning ahead not only helps you but also your guests save the date for your party. We recommend sending out invitations at least three weeks in advance, if not sooner.

Stress-free festive menus

Learning how to be a good hostess starts with making sure guests are welcomed and satisfied. It also means you don’t end up stressed and in a bad mood. Here are a few tips for doing both.

Saving time on meals

One of the best advantages of entertaining guests in a mobile home is the delicious aroma of food that can easily fill the air. This will keep your guests in good spirits along with their festive beverages. A sit-down dinner can be accompanied by an easy menu. You also have the flexibility of choosing a variety of dishes to make your holiday menu. A casual cocktail can be put together with several appetizers. There are many recipes that allow you to prepare appetizers, or hors-d’oeuvres, ahead of time. This saves you plenty of time and stress on the day of your party.

Since being a host will keep you on your toes throughout the event, the last thing you’d want to be stuck doing is fixing drinks for your guests. Setting up a self-serve cocktail bar adds to the jolly cheer of the atmosphere and it doesn’t have to be big and fancy. Thankfully, mixing drinks doesn’t require much barware. For a mobile home party, a cocktail bar on a cart would look perfect under a picture on the wall or next to your Christmas tree. Add a Christmas wreath and some shimmering Christmas lights around the cart and voila! Your guests will enjoy keeping their thirst satisfied throughout the night, without much help from their hostess.

Deck your mobile home

Choose your theme

One of the wonderful things about Christmas is the variety of decorations that make up different themes. The themes are endless. Though a mobile home means compact decorating, it doesn’t mean little to no decorations. Just try to choose a theme that matches your decor.

The ‘Season’s Greenings’ theme includes shimmering green ornaments and metallics, a gold star tree topper, white poinsettias all around, and a bundle of holly, spruce, and silver ornaments hung as a bouquet on the door.

The ‘Nordic Noel’ takes on a Scandinavian look – red, white, and wheat trimmings on the tree, wooden or fabric-embroidered ornaments, green garlands intertwined with red berries and straw ornaments, and pine cones that fill little pots or baskets around your mobile home to add a natural element.

Do some research online to see what themes would suit you best or check out some of these ideas.You won’t regret it.

No theme, no worries

If you feel like choosing a theme would give you too much to think about in the midst of already preparing for your festive party, don’t sweat it. Being practical means you’re a normal mobile home owner who prefers the minimalist approach. Or prefers dressing things up without breaking the bank, even if it is for the holiday season decorations.

Christmas decor

Make a simple centerpiece for your dining table that will save space for food, like a low arrangement of blooms in a pitcher or vase. Place a flameless candle in a glass hurricane and add evergreens to your coffee table or wall dividers of your living area. Fill empty spots on the dining table or your cocktail cart with gilded pines or nuts. Throughout your mobile home, intersperse tealights in little glass jars wrapped with garland and twine. Burlap and fake berries or bundles of cinnamon sticks on each of your guest’s plate will instantly hit the festive note.

Dress up the outside

Don’t forget to decorate the outside of your mobile home! You’d be surprised how inviting your place can look with outside decorations. Utilize any empty plant pots as the groundwork of a festive impression to all who come or walk by. Wicker baskets would be extra fancy with greenery, some string lights, and a big ribbon wrapped around. Hang old ornaments on the greenery and on a plain wreath on the door. Fill any empty lanterns with string lights and ornaments and place them by the entrance of your mobile home door. Carolers will enjoy singing outside your door in the midst of such a delightful ambiance!

Prepping ahead of time

One of the biggest tips that we can give you is preparing as much of the food and drinks as you can before the big day. Although some things may have to be done on the day of, getting prep work done as early as possible will help you tremendously. Organizing and having everything ready before the party starts will allow you to be more available to your guests.

Check your cocktail cart. Even if it’s just a beverage station, it’s wise to make sure that there is enough of the basic types of glasses: stemmed wine glasses, short glasses, and tall glasses. Each pair according to the type of drink that you or your guests will make. Go the extra mile and invest in some Christmas wine glass charms; they are not only fun but useful for your wine drinkers. The cocktail cart or beverage station doesn’t have to be stocked with bottles of liquor – a handful with a few mixers will be just right for creative or basic recipes. Be sure to have a couple pitchers of fresh juice, soda water, and fresh fruits to cheer up the sober. They will feel just as merry!

Merry Christmas to all

As your guests arrive

Get some Christmas music playing in the background before your guests arrive. It will put you in a more relaxed-and-ready mood, reminding you that this is an event for you to celebrate with good cheer as well. Many still prefer the vintage Christmas songs over modern, but mixing up both on a playlist will keep your mobile home lively and welcoming. Greet your guests and lead them to the cocktail cart or beverage station. If you have fresh hors-d’oeuvres ready to be served, enjoy a bite or two with your guests, as more start coming in.

Let your guests “work”

A good hostess doesn’t only make sure guests are well taken care of, but also shares the wealth of keeping everyone in the party happy and as stress-free as possible! As we mentioned earlier this week, asking for help can keep your party safer. Make a list of things that you can assign to your guests: keeping the ice bucket full of ice, making sure everyone has a drink, watching the timer for food in the oven, arranging the food on the dining table, or anything that will help you get other things done. Your festive mobile home will begin to feel comfortable and warm because of all the helping hands around you.

Jingle, Mix, and Dine

Meals really are best enjoyed together. There’s something special about sitting down at the table, with different aromas of tasty food mixed in the air and guests who are ready to devour all that’s in front of them. Snap some photos of your guests and take a few selfies. Be as silly as possible – it will only help your guests feel more at home and merry! After enjoying the meal and cleaning up plates from the table, get a game started. Reward winners and losers with a good drink or a simple gift. Dessert can be enjoyed while the game or games are being played.

End it with jolly

As the party comes to an end, celebrate the finale with a handmade door gift for each of your guests. Again, this doesn’t mean breaking your bank. It could be an edible gift that you can make or bake in advance. For example, a brownie or cookie mix for one serving size in a little mason jar with a personal Christmas tag tied with twine. Or a baked cookie or a slice of frosted brownie wrapped in holiday tissue and a red ribbon. Or a small, handmade card box of peppermint and caramel candies signed with a little Christmas greeting!


Knowing how to be a good hostess can make this year’s party the best one yet!

Not all of these tips guarantee a stress-free party. If you really want to know how to be a good hostess, just remember to enjoy the party that you’re hosting. You’ve prepared your cozy mobile home for your guests to fill up with good cheer. A glass might have been broken or some pastries may have been burnt. If you’re having a good time at your own party, your guests will surely have a grand time as well! Merry Christmas!

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