How to Attach a Porch to a Mobile Home [Step by Step]

Imagine having the freedom to move around the country without leaving the comfort of your home. Is that even possible? Yes, it is, and no, we are not talking about watching videos online and experiencing parts of the world through 3D glasses; we are talking about mobile homes. 

Since you are on this page, we assume you are already aware of mobile homes and probably own one. Do you enjoy sitting on the front porch and enjoying your evening tea enjoying the view but are interrupted by the harsh sunlight? Why don’t you get a roof on your front porch?

So you would install a roof on your porch if you knew how to do it? This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. We will look at the various factors of installing a roof on your porch and continue with a step-by-step process. 

How To Attach a Porch Roof to a Mobile Home?

Having a porch in front of your house is great, especially if you have a mobile home; you would mostly park it in front of beautiful scenery and enjoy it in the evenings or early mornings. 

But if you do not have a porch roof, that goes to waste because your view might be interrupted by sunlight, rain, or other things that might not give you a good view. That is why porch roofs are extremely important. 

In this article, our main objective is to understand how you can attach a porch roof to your mobile home. But first, it would be better if we started with knowing some background information, and then we will look at the step-by-step process so that you don’t get confused and get the job done easily.

Check For Building Codes

Just like the rules that are applied. When you want to move your mobile home, even to get a porch roof, you will have to check with the building code in your area. Once you check with the code in your area, inform all the authorities of your roof installation. Then start with working on a porch blueprint of what type of porch roof you want so that you will have enough equipment and permission to do the same.

Stability of Your Mobile Home

Since you have a mobile home, your house is not as stable as a regular one. And therefore, you need to check the structure and strength of your home and roof. Since the porch and its roof will be supported on this mobile home, it must have the capacity to support the same.

Check For Porch Level and Stability

The porch roof will obviously sit on the porch, so you need to ensure that the porch is on a perfect level crown and is not tilted towards any side. If at all your porch is not on an ideal level, you may get it done as soon as possible. Do not start the process until your porch is stable and sturdy.

Build Supporting Pillars

Just like you put pillars in your home to make it sturdy and strong. You will also have to install Pillars for your roof. Make sure that you have supporting pillars built, and you can dig holes and insert the pillars. And put a concrete mixture that helps it stay firm. This will ensure that the porch roof will remain sturdy and strong even in fast winds.

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Place the Valley Board

You may now go ahead with placing the valley board. There are plenty of types of valley boards. You may select the style that you want and the material that you want it to be in. Also, if you do not want any leakage, you may use roofing cement. Roofing cement is pretty different from regular cement as it helps you prevent leakages. You may attach the valley board to the current roof so there is no leakage and the top stays sturdy.

Place the Top Plates

It’s time to place the top plate on. The roof is already connected to the mobile home roof, and now you may go ahead and connect the top plate, check for all dimensions and connect with supporting posts so that it stays sturdy and strong.

Install Rafters

To give optimum support to the roof. You may now place rafters to help them stay in place even in harsh times. These d\\\\rafters will be connected to the top plate and supporting pillars.

Finish the Roof with Plywood and Shingles

This step is useful for your porch roof as it gives it a stylish look and the support it requires. Now that you have the complete frame of your porch roof ready, you may start by placing plywood on top of the roof and then placing shingles layer by layer. This will give the roof a firm look and protect you from rain. You can choose any shingles you want, and plenty of materials are available.

Mistakes to Avoid While Placing the Porch Roof

We have now completed the process of placing a porch roof for a mobile home, but there are a few things that you need to know before you start doing the work.

We assume that you are new to placing porch roofs, so we would like to inform you about a few things you need to keep in mind while building the porch roof. Make sure you choose the right material for your porch roof. Also, strong pillars must be created as the presence of posts is extremely important as it supports the top itself.

The choice of the material makes a huge difference as it has to face different weather conditions. Also, even if you are not very well versed with the equipment required to place a porch roof, you may ask for an expert’s help and not get caught up in things that you’re not very good at and hurt yourself.


We may now conclude this article which explains how to attach a porch roof to a mobile home. In this article, we got straight to the point and understood how you could place a porch roof on a mobile home.

But first, we looked at requirements, such as your area’s building codes and your home’s stability. You can follow the steps mentioned in this article, as they are simple to understand and can help you greatly build a porch roof. However, if you are new to working with mobile homes, you can always ask for expert help and save yourself from trouble.

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