How much is a 1987 mobile home worth?

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How much is a 1987 mobile home worth?

Typically, 1987 is the cut off for a lot of mobile home dealers looking to purchase homes. Buyers are now seeking mobile homes with shingled roofs and vinyl siding.  So if you have a 1987, congratulations, you made the cut.

Now, determining the value of this home is based on several factors.  If you have a 3 bedroom home, it is going to be worth more than a 2 bedroom.  Likewise, a 2 bath is worth more than a 1 bath.  These are common sense factors that, you do not need to read this article, to realize.  However, there are some tips that you can use to determine the value of a 1987 mobile home. Such as….

Search the Internet for your 1987 manufactured home.

What is the year? What is the style? What is the make? Find out what they are going for on the market.  This will give you a base price to work with. Lot’s questions go into the question, how much is my mobile home worth. So the primary job when assign the value of your mobile home is to run down a healthy checklist of needed information. Of course this will not answer all of the questions because some of them are based on the demographics. But overall this will get you in the right mind frame when pricing it to sell. 

Who are your target buyers for trailer homes?

If you are looking to sell to a private buyer, you could get more for your mobile home.  These people are looking to purchase a home to live in and will pay the going rate.  So what’s the bad news? These buyers are few and far between and there are a ton of homes for them to choose from.  Why would they buy a 1987 mobile home when they can buy a 1997 for the same price? They are also turned down by the park pretty often, because of credit problems.  So, be wise when setting your price (if you want it to sell).

Sell your mobile home fast through US Mobile Home Pros, LLC

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, you can find brokers, like we are, to buy your home.  We often purchase homes within days, or even hours, from the time we view them.  We do not need approval from parks and there are no issues with credit problems to interrupt the sales process.  We also pay cash for all our homes, so there are no banks to deal with either.  So, what’s the bad news?  Since we are not going to live in the mobile home, brokers must pay less for the home in order to sell it for profit.  So, put some thought into it when setting your selling price (if you want it to sell).  For more on how to determine value – search our articles for selling tips.


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