How most people sell their 2001 mobile home

How most people sell their 2001 mobile home

Selling a 2001 mobile home doesn’t have to be painful. Most people sell their homes by placing ads in the paper or by word of mouth. This stretches out the sales process because your home isn’t getting much exposure. You have to get the word out faster, and to many more people, than what conventional ways allow. We are in the Internet age. Not many people search the paper for housing these days. Why, when you can have it all at the touch of a button. Nowadays, buyers search online classifieds and websites for good deals. If you have any shot at selling a 2001 mobile home, you have to become a sales person. Think about it, if you are here reading this it means that you are using the power of the Internet to get your information. This is exactly what your potential buyer is doing.

So, we know that the Internet is where you are going to get this home sold. Now, how do we go about doing it? Where are you going to list it? There are many websites out there that offer free advertisement. This can be a good thing, after all, it’s free. But free isn’t always the best thing for you. Free usually means they can’t charge you. I don’t mean legally. What I mean is, that they can’t charge you because it wouldn’t be worth it to you. They can’t offer enough exposure for you to actually spend your money on their advertisement ads. They may be offering free advertisement in order to build their site. In order to get noticed, you’re going to have to spend money. You may want to try pay per click, but that can get costly as well. They will charge your credit card for every time someone clicks your link. If you go this rout, make sure you put together a decent ad. There are actually companies out there that help you with this because they know how much money someone can spend if the ad isn’t tailored correctly. Whatever you do, make sure you add the year in the ad. Buyers are going to want to know that it’s a 2001 mobile home. Because it’s “newer”, it will give you an advantage over older homes.

That being said, 2001 mobile homes are not going to fetch as much money as a 2008, but it doesn’t matter. You want to put yourself in a competitive situation with the same class mobile home. You already know that you aren’t going to attract buyers looking for brand new homes. It’s the 10-year-old market that you are after. Make your ad appealing to your target buyer. Be sure to highlight features, such as decks, sheds, air conditioning, new windows, new carpet, new paint, new anything. This is what home buyers are looking for when purchasing a 2001 mobile home. It’s not yet old enough to worry about major things but yet may need cosmetic work done. So highlight anything that shows the buyer that he or she will not have a lot of work to do.

If you have done all these things and still can’t seem to get your home sold, we understand. These are just suggestions that may help in the process. However, we realize they cannot create buyers. They only help draw attention from buyers already in the market. For this reason, EZ Homes was created. We purchase homes all the time from sellers who are frustrated with the current market.

The benefits of our service include the following:

We pay cash!
We do not require park approval
We can purchase homes fast (no banks or parks to slow down the process)

You can find out today how much we will pay you for your 2001 mobile home. Just click on the “Get Instant Offer” button up top for your immediate offer. It will be emailed to you instantly, so check your email quickly.


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