How fast is the process of selling my Mobile home?

The length of the mobile home selling process

Selling a mobile home is similar to selling a car.

The process of selling a mobile home is instantaneous in most cases. It’s very similar to the sale of a vehicle, as mobile homes also have titles that can easily be signed over from one owner to the next. Just as with a car, one must only take the title to the Secretary of State (Michigan) or the DMV, Title Bureau, etc… There, the title can be transferred over with the required payment (usually sales tax included).

In the case of titles with a lien holder, the debt owed to the lien holder would need to be satisfied first. This is as simple as traveling to the bank or lending institution that placed the lien on the mobile home. There, you can pay off the lien and sign over the title to the new owner. Once the title has been signed over, the transaction is complete.

Don’t forget about any necessary taxes that may be owed.  Whether you are purchasing a home or selling one, it is very important to make sure these are satisfied.  Not all states have property tax on mobile homes, but you’ll want to check with your individual state to make sure.

Now, the selling process does not include what demands the park may place on the new mobile home owner. Often, the mobile home park will require that the new homeowner fill out an application in order to reside in the park. The main thing the park looks at is the applicant’s credit report. They want to make sure that the new owner will be able to pay the required lot rent. This process gives the park great control over its tenants, so you (the seller) become more-or-less at the mercy of the mobile home park. They have the final decision of who can and who cannot buy your home.

However, you do have recourse when dealing with the dreaded mobile home parks. You can always sell to a buyer who wants to remove the home from the park. In such a case, the park has NO authority. If you’re not on a lease don’t let the park strong-arm you if your buyer wants to move the home. Some parks will try to claim that this is not allowed. Remember, this is YOUR home and you are only RENTING the lot, not buying it. You can move your home at anytime.

Selling the mobile home to someone who wants to move the home sounds like your best option. We say ‘sounds’ because it’s difficult to find someone with this intention. The cost of moving manufactured homes is extremely expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. For this reason, it does not happen very often. EZ Homes, LLC is one such buyer that specializes in this. We will buy the home and have it moved if we find a buyer at another park.

So if you are considering a move, don’t be afraid of the selling process. It can be a very short process if the conditions are right.

Find out what we would give you for your mobile home, now.


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