Have mobile homes become as nice as stick built homes?

Have mobile homes become as nice as stick-built homes?

Mobile homes have evolved into spacious dream homes.

Even as little as 10 to 15 years ago, mobile homes were not held in high regard with young couples seeking first time home ownership. Generally these homes were small with tiny bedrooms and bathrooms. The exteriors were not very appealing, as much of these homes were made of metal and tar roofs.

However, not all of these homes from way back resembled what I have described. There was a good chance that your nice home was surrounded by these mobile homes. In those days, the mobile home parks were full of dreadfully dull looking homes with owners that seemed to match.

So what has changed? Today, you can still find parks that look like they came straight out of a junk pile, but they are few and far between. We now find that mobile home parks have finally realized how they are perceived and have began to change their image. I can think of several parks located in my hometown that have recently replaced older homes with newer, “expensive” looking manufactured homes! The grass is green and the neighbors have seemed to have upgraded, too.

Do you remember stepping foot into a mobile home when you were a kid? Personally, I felt like I had entered a tuna can. They were small and dark, and even the presence of windows didn’t seem to help matters much.

Today, mobile homes are spacious and, if you didn’t know better, might have you thinking you’re living in a stick-built home. The kitchens are huge with upgraded appliances and wood flooring. Compare this to the old, dingy carpet and vinyl flooring of yesteryear’s mobile homes. Double- wide homes now have become very popular and allow the owner a much bigger space to work with. Even single-wide homes have now been built with more space, with improved floor plans and storage areas. In both types of manufactured homes, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms have become bigger. These improved amenities are reason alone that more and more families are starting to move into mobile homes, which give the best “bang for your buck.”

Considering moving into a manufactured home?  Check out photos of these impressive upgrades below!


















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