How To Hang Pictures In A Mobile Home Without A Level

So, you’re ready to hang up your picture frames and other wall decor, but you don’t have a level. If you’re like most of us, you want your wall decorations to hang just right. How do you make sure everything looks perfect without a trusty level within arm’s reach? Fortunately, there are some ways to get it perfect on your own. 

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Hanging heavy things on mobile home walls

When it comes to hanging heavy objects on mobile home walls, it’s essential to proceed with caution and prioritize safety. Mobile home walls are typically constructed differently from traditional homes, often consisting of thinner materials such as vinyl-covered gypsum board or wood paneling. These materials may not offer the same structural support as thicker drywall found in standard houses. To hang heavy items, it’s crucial to locate the wall studs, which provide the necessary strength to support weight. You can use a stud finder or tap the wall to listen for a solid, hollow sound indicating the presence of a stud. Once you’ve found the stud, utilize appropriate hardware such as heavy-duty screws or wall anchors designed for mobile home walls. Distribute the weight evenly by using multiple attachment points if possible. 

Different types of walls

First of all, let’s consider some different types of mobile home walls. 

Older mobile homes 

If your mobile home is older, it might have wood or artificial wood wall panels. In that case, you’re probably looking for ways to brighten up your walls a little. Hanging pictures is a great way to change things up! 

Vinyl-on-gypsum (VOG) or paper-on-gypsum (POG) are two more possibilities for older mobile homes. Of course, some mobile home manufacturers still use VOG and POG today. 

Newer mobile homes

Many newer mobile home walls are drywall, VOG, or plaster. 

Wall hangers are a good idea

If you want your pictures to hang levelly, wall hangers like these are a good place to start. To use wall hangers, you’ll need to locate a stud in your wall in order to fasten them correctly. 

These hangers help you hang your pictures perfectly. Of course, they may not work in every situation, but they’re definitely an attractive option! Even better, these small but effective hangers will work for several different types of walls, including artificial wood paneling and drywall.

Adhesive hooks & wall anchors

If your mobile home doesn’t have studs, use a wall anchor or an adhesive hook for your wall decor. Adhesive hooks are generally used for lighter items, while wall anchors are your best bet for heavier decor. However, keep in mind that there are different types of anchors for different types of walls. For example, you’ll have to buy special anchors for plaster walls. 

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Two instead of one

If you’ve decided on pins or screws to hang your pictures instead of wall hangers, there’s one thing you should do: use two instead of one. A picture that’s hanging on one pushpin tends to tilt one way or the other. Two pins will fix that problem, and your picture will be more secure as well.

How to make it level

Yes, good wall hangers can help keep your wall decor from tilting. However, you’ll probably need to do more if you want your pictures to be level. If you don’t own a level, don’t worry! You’re in luck – there are plenty of ways to make sure your pictures are level.

Use a tape measure

You can easily use a tape measure to position your picture correctly. Just measure the distance from the ceiling to the top of the picture frame, checking both sides of the frame to see if the measurements are the same. This should let you know if your frame is level. 

Tape measure

Use an iPhone app

If you own an iPhone, you’ve got a level anytime you have your phone – and you probably didn’t even know it! Your iPhone’s Compass app has a level, and there are other apps you can get that also provide easy access to a level. If you’re not sure how to use your iPhone as a level, here’s a little information to help you get started. 

Use something small and round

This might be the simplest method of determining whether a picture is level. Just place a small, round object (like a marble or bounce-ball) on top of the picture frame. If it rolls one way or the other, you’ll know that the picture isn’t level. Once it stays put, you can stand back and admire your work! 

“Eyeball it”

If you’re comfortable with a little bit of guesswork, you can grab a friend to help you “eyeball” how level your picture is. Have them stand across from you and adjust one end of the picture frame while you keep an eye on the other. Together, you’ll be able to tell when it’s properly adjusted. 

Use something with a straight edge

You can use any household item with a straight edge to help adjust your pictures. Printer paper is a great way to do this. After you’ve put up your picture, line up the bottom edge of the piece of paper with the top of the picture frame. Now, look at the top of the piece of paper. You should be able to tell if your picture is straight or not after seeing how the paper looks against the wall. 

Make your pictures just right

Hopefully, you can make your pictures look just right with some of the tips we’ve shared. You don’t have to stop with pictures, of course – wall art is another option, and it’s just as important to make that look perfect, too. So, get that iPhone app or find a marble, because it’s literally that easy to hang your pictures without a level! 

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