Decorating Your Mobile Home For Halloween & Trick-Or-Treaters

Oct 30, 2018Blog, Decorating, DIY

With Halloween rapidly approaching, you’re probably thinking about decorating your mobile home. You notice the neighbors breaking out the cotton spider webs and orange jack-o-lanterns, and your festive side is suddenly rekindled. The neighborhood kids will be out trick-or-treating soon, and you don’t want them to miss your house. You’re already prepared with plenty of candy. Time to turn your mobile home into an eye-catching Halloween display!

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While there’s no exact science to Halloween decorations, here are a few things that might inspire your decorating process this October 31st.


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Color scheme and layout

While these concepts may not seem like a big deal at first, your choice of colors and the time you spend organizing your Halloween decorations can make your home look picture-perfect.

What colors should you use?

If you want people to know that you’re decorating for Halloween, you have to use the right colors. Orange and black are typically used during Halloween, and can always be used if you want to play it safe with your decorations. You can also incorporate specific shades of purple, white, or green into the mix if you feel like adding a little range to your color scheme.

Something to consider: depending on the color of your mobile home’s exterior, you might not want to utilize every popular Halloween color. For example, if your home is painted blue, it might clash with some of the bright green spider webs you thought about hanging up around your door.

Does organization matter?

Halloween decorated walk path

You hope that excited kids flock to your home on Halloween night. To encourage this, make sure kids can access your front door without wondering if they’re going to get yelled at for ruining your decorations. Step back and take a look at how you’ve organized your decorations so far. Are there so many pumpkins on your front porch that kids are going to be knocking them down? If so, you might want to move some of them inside, or use them to line your sidewalk.  

Be creative!

Why not change up your decorating a little bit this year? After all, it’s not every day that you get to show off your mobile home with lights and decorations. Maybe you’d rather try something new instead of resorting to the same old decorations again.

DIY crafts

A fun, creative way to break away from your standard Halloween decorations this year is to make some DIY crafts! Some amazing DIY ideas for Halloween decorating include terrarium jars, egg carton bats, and DIY floating ghosts. DIY crafts attract many people because they’re easy, fun to create, and even cheap. You can use these unique crafts to help spice up your mobile home for Halloween without breaking the bank, and you’ll definitely have more fun creating your own decorations than filling up a shopping cart with the same decorations everyone else is buying.

Living in a mobile home can also mean that you have limited floor space. If you’re making your own Halloween decorations, an easy way to conserve space is to create decorations that will hang from the ceiling or sit on your tables and couches.  

Halloween parties & outdoor decorating

Speaking of limited space, you may have thought about throwing a Halloween party in the past, but gave up because your mobile home just wasn’t big enough. If the idea of a Halloween party still appeals to you, why not host one this year? Instead of trying to fit the party inside, move it outdoors!

A few things to think about when throwing an outdoor party:

Kids with sparklers and Halloween decor

  • Keeping guests warm. Even if it doesn’t feel cold before sundown, nobody wants the mood killed by cool weather – so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Offer suitably spooky blankets to fit with your party theme.
  • Providing lights. It’s a Halloween party, after all. You’re probably going to want to stay outside after dark. You can incorporate the decorative process into this by crafting creepy lanterns (think spider legs and scary faces.)  
  • Entertaining guests (and their children) with fun, outdoorsy games. This can be done in any number of ways. It’s really up to you to decide which games will be the most fun for your guests.
  • And, of course, decorations! Since you have more room outside, you can take up a little more space with your decorations and get everyone in the mood to eat candy and tell scary stories. Some fun DIY decor for an outdoor party might include a fake crime scene or a spooky graveyard. Whatever you choose to do, your guests will love the creepy vibe your outdoor decorations provide!

Have fun!

The best thing about Halloween is that it provides fun for all age groups. Even if your trick-or-treating days are over, you’ll have endless enjoyment creating decorations, handing out candy and hosting parties. After the Halloween decorations come down, maybe you’ll even be newly inspired to decorate your mobile home for Fall. Either way, with a little time and energy on your part, your mobile home will look better than ever this Halloween.

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