Green Mobile Homes: Ideas You Can Copy Inside & Out

Jun 25, 2018Blog, DIY, Landscaping, Remodeling

No, we’re not talking about the color green. We’re talking about minimizing your home’s footprint on the eco-system. The journey of turning your mobile home from eco-abuser to eco-friendly can happen one change at a time. Over time, each change you make can have a positive impact on the environment. And it’s something worth your time and effort.

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Thankfully, creating a green mobile home doesn’t really doesn’t have to take much time and effort to implement.

In this post, we list more than a few ways for you to begin your green journey. Green mobile homes are a must in caring for this beautiful earth.

Making your mobile home green from the inside out

Here, in the following section, you’ll find several ideas for the inside and outside of your mobile home. Begin where you can. Chances are, you’ll find something in this list you can begin doing at this minute. There’s no need to wait for the perfect budget or perfect time.

Upgrading your appliances

An easy fix (though likely not an immediate option) is replacing your current appliances. Old appliances are not energy efficient, and the energy efficient technology just keeps getting better. By choosing appliances that have the EnergyStar sticker, you know you’re getting an appliance that is efficient in its consumption of energy.

This can give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re not spending more than you ought to on energy costs. But it also is reassuring in that it makes your home friendlier to the environment.

Seal your home against air leaks

To protect your home from unnecessary energy waste, why not check for air leaks? The best thing you can do is caulk around window and door frames. Caulk where plumbing, ducting, and electrical wiring comes through the floor of your mobile home. These holes are big culprits for air leaks. Check out for more ideas on how to find and deal with air leaks.

Try cleaning with vinegar or other solutions that leave a smaller footprint on the environment

By and large, the cleaning supplies found in most American homes are toxic and harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. To ensure a safer environment for all, you can embrace a green mobile home lifestyle by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. You can make your own by mixing up vinegar and water or by purchasing them online.

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Essential oils for scents

Rather than spray harmful deodorizers around your home, try using essential oils. They’re natural, they come from real plants and they’re safe for the environment. Some oils are too harsh for pregnant women, small children, and pets; however, you’ll find that lavender is always safe. It all depends on the type of oil.

Get your hands on air purifying houseplants

A visit to your local greenhouse or department store is bound to bring you some air purifying houseplants. Peace lilies are lovely additions to any home, but they’re not the only option.

Re-purpose old furniture

Another thing you can do to cultivate a culture of green mobile homes is repurposing old furniture. Just browse your local second-hand shops and you’ll find some nice furniture in need of a little love and care. Oftentimes, these pieces of furniture are the most popular due to the touch of character that can only come from being used.

Energy efficient windows

When it comes to energy waste, cheap windows can pose a major culprit. Get yourself some energy efficient double-paned windows.

Low-flush toilet for the bathroom

The benefit of a low-flush toilet is that it uses a significantly less amount of water than a regular toilet. This helps with water conservation.

Bathroom with sun light coming through

Catch rainwater for your plants and garden

In addition to the above idea for water conservation, you can set up large containers outside to catch rainwater. This water can then be used to water your plants and garden.

Homemade pesticides

There are many homemade pesticide options for the DIY gardener. These pesticides are safe for the environment and effective in warding off pests.

How about a change in lighting?

Many bulbs are energy wasters. How about trading them out for energy efficient light bulbs?

Recycle or compost your trash

If we would all take the time to recycle or compost waste, landfills would not grow in size at such a rapid rate. Find your local recycling center and ask them how you can participate in their program. As far as composting trash goes, you can do that in your own backyard.

Environmentally-friendly and healthy for all

In closing, green mobile homes should be embraced by all. It’s good for you, your family, the environment, and future generations. Thanks to advancements in research and construction methods, mobile home construction is becoming more and more green-minded by the day. But there are still many things you can and should embrace to do your part.

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