The Design Features That Make These Mobile Homes Glamorous

Jan 29, 2019Blog, Buying a mobile home

For many, the words “mobile home” aren’t synonymous with fashion or glamor. But if this is you, then you’ve been missing out! Some of the most stylish mobile homes have become incredibly fashionable in recent years and definitely deserve a second glance. With that said, we think you should definitely take a look at these gorgeous designs that might change your mind about living in a mobile home. Even if you’re not convinced, it can’t hurt to look, right?

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The “Ponderosa” home from the Clayton Homes Inspiration Series

The “Ponderosa,” a part of the Inspiration Series by Clayton Homes, is a good example of what’s trending in the world of mobile homes right now. So, let’s talk about a few features that should catch your eye.

Wooden floors

Currently, wooden floors are pretty high up on the list of fashion essentials. Of course, there are still rooms that unarguably need carpet – however, wood floors are a must-have for most of the rooms in a classy home. This mobile home contains beautiful wooden flooring in most of its rooms, but also includes carpet in all the right places, accomplishing a modern look.

Open spaces

Rather than having a closed-in feel, this home takes advantage of design strategies intended to make a mobile home look and feel bigger. For example, instead of a wall and door dividing the kitchen and living room, this home makes more space available by forgoing a wall. There’s also plenty of natural lighting and other light sources in the home. Both give each room a more spacious appearance.

A beautiful bathroom and kitchen design

This home has two bathrooms, each one with eye-catching designs. Both feature classy granite vanities with a set of cabinets below. If you’re not a big fan of linoleum, then it’s your lucky day – these bathrooms also feature stylish wood flooring.

Four bedrooms

This isn’t the typical mobile home that you’ve heard people complain about because it doesn’t have enough space. Instead, this home has a spacious living room and kitchen, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms. Your family will have room to breathe in this mobile home. (Also, no more long lines for a single bathroom! That’ll take quite a bit of drama out of your everyday life, trust us.)

Paradise Cove mobile home

In 2014, a mobile home located in the Paradise Cove mobile home park in Malibu, CA, was listed for 4 million dollars. Yes, you heard that right – $4 million! But why is this home worth so much? Apart from its location on a California beach, what makes this home pricey is its luxury features. Let’s examine some of them now.

Design flexibility and space

This mobile home is enormous, and even better, each of its many rooms offers a different style. Need a bedroom? Got that. What about an office? Check.

The point is, it’ll be a long time before you run out of space in this home. Even better, its design will fit with whatever lifestyle you’re currently pursuing. If you’re elderly and would like a quaint bedroom with a stunning view where you can relax, you’ll have that option – or, if you’re on your annual vacation to your summer getaway with your family and need a cozy room where you can read or play games, this home has that too. You can walk into another room of this fancy mobile home and enter a different world!

Luxury bathrooms

Trendy bathrooms are great, but luxury bathrooms are on a whole new level – and this mobile home has everything a luxury bathroom needs. One of the home’s bathrooms contains both a shower and tub, and another features a jacuzzi tub that looks like a great place to relax after a long day at the beach. It has four bathrooms in total. Flawless stone vanities, decorative tile, and mini chandelier lights complete the luxury look of these bathrooms – and they’ve also managed to make all of us jealous!

An outdoor deck

While many mobile homes only have room for a tiny deck, this one has something a little different. In this mobile home, you’ll enjoy a large outdoor deck that faces the ocean. You can eat your lunch outside while taking in the gorgeous view around you. The best part of it all is that you don’t even have to put on sunscreen if you sit under the covered portion of the deck.

What do you think?

So, has your perception of mobile homes changed at all? Would you consider living in a mobile home now that you’ve seen how luxurious some of them can be? If you’re interested, check out a few more mobile homes that will go beyond your expectations in terms of design. You never know – you might even find a home that’ll be perfect for you!

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