Convert Mobile Home Garden Tub to Shower

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If you know anything about mobile homes, you’re well aware of their famous garden tubs.  These bulky, 50 gallon juggernauts have been around for as long as I can remember.  In all the years I’ve been buying used mobile homes, I’ve only come across a handful of homeowners who ever reported using theirs.  In fact, most people claimed they ran out of hot water before they finished filling it.

Because they’re not very practical, I’ve seen garden tubs being repurposed for all sorts of secondary uses.  They’ve been used as closets, storage bins, kitty litter boxes and food pantries.  If you can think of it, I’ve seen it done.  And there seems to be no end for the use of garden tubs, with the exception of bathing of course.

Repurposed garden tub

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Not only do garden tubs take up valuable space, they’re often placed in a carpeted bathroom, which makes them notorious for cultivating both mold and soft spots in your flooring, due to water splashing over and saturating the carpet. If you own a home with a garden tub and you do use it, tearing out the carpet may be the first step in combating any potential issues.  If you’re really ambitious, we’ve purchased several used mobile homes where the seller actually tore out the tub and replaced it with a new stand up shower.

Carpeted garden tub
Mobile home bathtub
Shower install
Big, beautiful showers have become the highlight of mobile home bathrooms, hopefully replacing garden tubs, FOREVER! Check out some of the showers that are found in the latest models coming out below.


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Master bathroom shower
Mobile Home Shower Walls
Mobile Home Shower Head
Mobile Home Shower

Although the showers shown above come as standard upgrades in the new models you could easily have your old tub removed and replace it with one of these modern showers.  Sure, it will take a little work, but with a relatively small investment you could make your bathroom much more practical, avoiding wasted space and adding to the resale value of your mobile home.

For more brief tub remodel ideas like this one we encourage you to check out some of the blogs posts below!

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