What Do We See In The Future Of Mobile Homes?

Apr 25, 2018Blog

The future is always an exciting topic to discuss, but how about in light of mobile homes? Have you ever thought about the future of mobile homes?

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It comes as no surprise that as man advances in Science and technology, so does his quality of life when it comes to housing. Just think about it.

Mobile homes have become significant

Even today, many in their 50 and 60s have memories of staying at their grandparents’ home without electricity, plumbing, and the like. Today, indoor plumbing and electricity is the standard in America.

Within the span of only a generation, so much can change. So with that, what do we see in the future of mobile homes? Well, we’re glad you’re wondering about that. We have a few ideas on what the future may hold.

What do we see in the future of mobile homes?

When it comes to predicting the future of any movement, service, or product (like a mobile home), you can only weigh the facts that you have now. You can try peering at the future through the lens of those facts, and see how things might be affected.

We call this taking a calculated guess. That’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to take a calculated guess, by leveraging what we know now, on what we see in the future of mobile homes.

Voice-activated home features

For one, voice-activated home features have got to be the next thing in mobile home design.

Wifi connected to home and security

In our future-oriented tech world, the stuff we saw in superhero movies is coming on the real-life scene today.

You can speak to your phone and command it to play certain songs, take notes, or call your mom.

Much of these commands can be made hands-free, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Significantly, it has all paved the way for voice recognition technology. This technology is growing by leaps and bounds in giving users an incredibly efficient and automated experience.

The modern-day feature “Alexa” as the new home assistant

Home automation seems to have hit the consumer market in 2014 when Amazon released the Echo. The Echo is a smart home hub which utilizes a voice recognition program named Alexa.

With Alexa, locking doors, setting alarms, creating to-do lists, checking for news, traffic and weather updates became possible by voice. All you have to do is speak up. Alexa will respond.

Today, Alexa is now programmed to work with compatible light bulbs, thermostats, and over 9,000 other home automation products.

With a simple verbal command, you can turn off your lights, adjust the temperatures, and flip on your favorite TV show. All this from the comfort of your couch or while you’re working on that delicious dinner.

In the future of mobile homes, we foresee that voice-activated home features will be built into the design. This will make for a more convenient, streamlined home life. Expecting kids to bring their friends over but still at work and running late? Just tell your phone that you want the oven pre-heated, the coffee going, and the music playing. It’ll all be ready for you when you get there.

Continued growth in popularity

It comes as no surprise that the mobile home concept has been growing in popularity since the 1970s.

Initially, mobile homes were low-quality affordable housing for folks struggling to get by. But today, they’ve moved on from subpar construction. Manufacturers are now creating energy efficient and quality mobile homes.

Go green with simple living and small house

These homes are trending and continue to rise. Because of greater interest in simpler living in small spaces, mobile homes are a great alternative to the tiny house movement. It’s not too small, and it doesn’t have to be too big. Many manufacturers offer clients the ability to design their own manufactured home, so you can tailor it just the way you want.

Their affordability and constant improvement in quality may give us the opportunity to see entire neighborhoods made up of mobile homes, instead of mobile home lots.

Greener technologies and materials

As more and better ways are invented and leveraged to lighten our footprint on the earth, we see greener mobile homes in the future.

More manufacturers are seeing the value of environmentally construction and materials. Consumers are seeing this as important too. With the two mindsets together, we hope to see an increase in the environmental friendliness of mobile home construction and energy efficiency.

It doesn’t look bad after all

As can be surmised, the future of mobile homes does not seem bleak.

In fact, there is much opportunity for growth and advancement as more and more people seek this alternative form of housing.

If you’re already thinking to integrate smart technology into your mobile home, we have some solutions for taking the do it yourself approach.

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