5 Front Porch Designs For Double Wide Mobile Homes

Summer is almost upon us and with it, the urge to spend more time outside. The thought keeps occurring to you that you might make it outside more if you had a more comfortable place to sit. Perhaps somewhere to relax while sipping lemonade or iced coffee; somewhere to chat and enjoy a warm breeze with your friend who just dropped in; or maybe somewhere to sit down while your kids run around the lawn, burning off their boundless summer energy.

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What is a double wide front porch and why to go for one?

A double wide front porch refers to a porch that is twice the width of a standard front porch. Typically, a front porch is a covered platform that extends from the front entrance of a house, providing an outdoor space for relaxation, socializing, or enjoying the surrounding views.

A double wide front porch is a larger version of this architectural feature, offering more space and potentially accommodating additional seating areas, outdoor furniture, or even activities like dining or entertaining. It provides an expanded area for homeowners and guests to gather, enhancing the curb appeal and functionality of the house.

With a double wide front porch, you have the opportunity to create a more welcoming and spacious entryway to your home. It can be designed with various elements such as columns, railings, steps, and decorative features to suit your personal style and the architectural design of your house.

Having a double wide front porch can offer several advantages. It provides ample room for outdoor furniture arrangements, allowing you to create cozy seating areas or even incorporate a porch swing or rocking chairs. The additional space can also be utilized for potted plants, flower beds, or other decorative elements, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

Furthermore, a double wide front porch can serve as a transitional area between the indoors and outdoors, providing a shaded and protected space to enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities, regardless of the weather. It can be a perfect spot for greeting guests, enjoying a morning cup of coffee, or simply relaxing and observing the neighborhood.

So if you are looking for an expanded outdoor living area that adds charm, functionality, and visual appeal to your home, a double wide front porch is a must have.

A front porch is a natural thought, but you’re feeling uninspired. Well, you can start feeling inspired now. Enter our five front porch designs for double wide mobile homes.

The “Classic Little Porch”

Small enough not to take up your entire front yard, yet large enough to hold two rocking chairs for a friendly chat, the “Classic Little Porch” is just the place for relaxing in the evenings or catching up over a cup of your favorite drink. With a small peaked roof and two columns supporting it, it’s cozy and classic.

You might choose to center it in the middle of your house, but if your front door isn’t in the center, no problem! You could stick this beautiful, little porch anywhere. Vinyl or wood railings, paired with spindles of the same material will keep you and your company safe and add even more coziness.

The “Outdoorsman”

Maybe you had in mind a more rustic-looking landing place. Some exposed boards, nothing finished quite to perfection. If you’ve been dreaming of a place that inspires the rugged and outdoorsy side of you, maybe it’s time to consider a pergola-inspired porch. Go for a flat roof, or nearly flat roof, with an overhang.

wooden patio with outdoor rug and furniture

Be sure to leave the rafters exposed–no soffit or fascia here, please! Keep it paint-free to let the natural look of the wood take center stage.

The “Summer Solace”

If your dream porch is one that stretches the entire length of your house, reminding you of a mansion from an old black and white movie, consider the “Summer Solace”. It’s third in our front porch designs for double wide mobile homes, but that doesn’t mean it’s smaller than the other two. In fact, it’s the largest.

Augmented with pillars running the entire length and painted in white, it just might become your favorite place to spend a long summer afternoon. Consider white railings for safety and style. Hang green ferns from the porch roof and set out wooden rocking chairs of your favorite color. Add a few stone pots of red geraniums for instant appeal. Additionally, if you feel like you need more privacy, The Family Handyman’s got you covered. As a suggestion, add a porch trellis.

The “Corner Stair Glory”

If you’re not exactly sure how to handle the fact that your mobile home’s front door isn’t at the center of your home but rather placed asymmetrically, don’t despair. You still have front porch options. In fact, it might be a perfect chance to put on a porch with corner stairs. Now you don’t just have a run-of-the-mill front porch, you’ve got a porch with unique, creative front steps. Plus, if you’re a seasoned DIY-er, you can do it yourself with this tutorial.

patio steps

Make it big enough, and this becomes the perfect place for a couple of wicker chairs and your grill. Throw in an outdoor table, and you can practically live out here all season long. It’s like having a second kitchen and dining room. Gather your family and friends for great memories of cookouts and chats.

The “Hybrid” in front porch designs for double wide mobile homes

If none of these designs are quite your style, maybe it’s time for what we call the “Hybrid”. Pull your very favorite elements from the above designs and combine them for a completely distinct approach. For instance, if you like the idea of keeping the natural wood look (i.e. no paint) but you don’t want a flat roof, you can combine the paint-free look with the size of the “Classic Little Porch”.

Better yet, mix things up by putting corner stairs on the “Summer Solace”. Combine the different design elements until you create your own dream look. For even more ideas, check out our “Perfect Mobile Home Porch” article here. 

Take time to choose your design and make it happen

Whether you want a rough, outdoorsy look or a classy, long front porch that hearkens back to earlier days and mansion homes, we’ve got front porch designs for double wide mobile homes for you. Your delightful, relaxing new summer living space is just around the corner. Pick out your favorite design and make it happen. The grab a glass of lemonade and take a breather.


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