5 Simply Beautiful Flower Arrangements To Brighten Up Your Mobile Home

Apr 30, 2019Blog, Decorating, DIY

Spring has sprung, and there’s no better way to bring some of this wonderful season into your home than with some flower arrangements! To help you celebrate this season, we’d like to share some of the best ideas we found for making flowers a part of your home decor.

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#1: A quick and easy floating flower arrangement

A floating flower arrangement is a great choice if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to decorate. While rose petals or fruit tree blossoms are common choices, you can use any flowers that catch your eye. You don’t have to run out and buy a fancy glass bowl, either – a plain glass bowl from your kitchen cabinet will work for this arrangement. Simply fill the bowl about three-quarters of the way full with water and float the flowers on top. This graceful flower arrangement embodies the spring season!

#2: Do it your way

Sometimes, one of the best ways to create beauty in your home is to show off your personal tastes instead of following an Internet tutorial. Chances are, a few different kinds of wildflowers are growing in your front yard, so go outside and collect some before you mow your lawn. You don’t need to stick with just one kind of flower – the more types of flowers you get, the more unique your flower display will be! Even the most common flowers will bring some spring cheer to your home at no extra cost.

#3: On a budget? Re-arrange a bouquet from the grocery store

Home decor on a budget can still be beautiful.

Flower bouquet arrangement

Grocery store flowers may not be your ideal flower arrangement, but what if you could take a cheap bouquet and make it look amazing? Here are some simple tips to help you do that:

  • If you’ve purchased a bouquet of taller flowers, use a vase with a narrow mouth. For a wider bouquet, you’ll need a vase with a wide mouth. You should add enough water to your vase to fill it halfway. If there’s a packet of plant food inside the bouquet you purchased, mix it into the water.
  • To help keep your flowers where you want them, use tape to make a grid pattern over the vase’s mouth.
  • Prepare the flowers by removing any leaves from their stems.
  • Begin your arrangement with a layer of green plants. This can be any type of greenery available, though ferns are a popular choice.
  • Next, arrange the flowers that you want to showcase – in other words, the flowers that are especially big or beautiful.
  • Finish up your display by filling in the gaps with the remaining flowers.

Now you’ve got a flower display that looks great but won’t break your budget!

#4: Split up your flowers

Feeling up for something a little different? If you’ve got a few mason jars sitting around the house, try splitting up your flowers by using several jars as vases. Create a unique display in each mason jar and place the jars together to form an artistic flower arrangement. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to using mason jars. Any jar that you think would work as a vase is definitely an option!

#5: Use fruits or vegetables in your arrangement

Your flower arrangement doesn’t have to be all about flowers. To add to the spring vibe of your arrangement, try using fruits or vegetables in your design. Some of these designs incorporate citrus fruits, which we think really capture the seasonal color scheme.

Mini pot of fresh red currants

Vegetables are also a fun addition to flower arrangements. A popular way to incorporate veggies into your flower design is by using asparagus as a vase. Like citrus fruit, asparagus enhances a flower arrangement quite a bit by adding to the seasonal feel. Even better, you don’t have to waste the fruits or vegetables you’ve combined with your flowers! As long as they’re still fresh, you can enjoy the fruits and veggies after your flower arrangement has had its time in the spotlight.

Bring spring into your home with these flower arrangements!

At the end of the day, it’s all about what makes your home feel like springtime to you! Whether you prefer home-picked flowers, a bouquet from the grocery store, or a flower arrangement with fruits and veggies, you’ll definitely brighten up your home with the arrangement you choose. Even though interior projects are exciting, don’t forget to give some attention to outdoor spring projects, too. Between flower arrangements and outdoor DIY projects, your mobile home will embody the spring season inside and out this year!

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