Lake Wales, FL

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Lake Wells, Florida, is a city in the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metro Area, located in the Polk County. Lake Wells is bounded by the Lake Kissimmee to the east and Tampa to the West. It is located in the Lake Wells ridge.

A Retirement Area

Lake Wells is a favorite retirement destination of the elderly. There are three retirement locations in the city. The first one is called Tower Lakes, located on US-27; the second is called the Saddlebag Lake Resort, which located 9 miles from the city; and the third is Indian Lakes, located on Hesperides Road.

Lake Wells has several places of interest, like the Lake Wells Commercial Historic District, which is a collection of 16 buildings along the US 27A Highway, and Spook Hill, on which cars appear to travel backwards even if they are on neutral.

Lake Wells has as many as twelve schools, like the Spook Hill Elementary School and Lake Wells Lutheran School. Two colleges, the Webber International University and Warner University, are located here. Fantastic quality education and healthcare, as well as gainful employment opportunities at places like Florida’s Natural Growers (an agricultural cooperative), have contributed to the city’s growth – leading to a demand for mobile homes in the market.

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For reference, here is a list of the mobile home parks in Lake Wells:

Bert’s Hideaway Fish Camp
2854 Tindel Camp Road, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 439-7570

Breeze Hill Mobile Home Park
152 Breeze Hill, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 696-1666

Camp Mack River Resort
14900 Camp Mack Road, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 696-1108, (800) 243-8013

Chelette Manor Adult Mobile Home Park
US Highway 60 East, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 676-6582

College Park Mobile Home Park
4629 US Highway 27 South, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 638-2309

Green Acres Mobile Home Park
4331 Lake Buffum Road, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 537-2410

Kissimmee River Park & Marina
3800 Bruce Boulevard, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 696-3182

Lake Kissimmee Mobile Home Park
69 Lake Kissimmee MHP, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 696-1959

Orange Acres Ranch Mobile Home
5130 ABC Road, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 537-1625

Parakeet Mobile Home Park
2400 South Scenic Highway, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 676-2812

Sunny Acres Mobile Home Park
5137 North US Highway 27, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 439-3911

Tower Lakes Adult Mobile Home
2060 North US Highway 27, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 676-1471

2700 North US Highway 27, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 676-6068

Walden Shores
10800 Leisure Lane East, Lake Wales, FL 33853
(941) 696-7100

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